Another Update

The more updates I post, the more updates I get! ūüėÄ #NewStrategy¬†I just got another one from Rio down in Florida. He looks so much like his mama, just more white. His family has him groomed so handsomely. His owners say that Rio “loves to cuddle and watch tv!¬† He loves to take long walks and smell everything in his path while protecting his mom! He is a great watch dog and enjoys playing fetch with us!”

Rio - Year 4 (2)Rio - Year 4 (3)Rio - Year 4

That last pic…¬†#TooCute


Leo (a.k.a. Jordan) Update: 3 Years Old

How many of you remember Jordan from Litter 2013? Well, just the other day I got an update from his owners! They said, “I thought you would like an updated photo of Leo (Jordan). He is now three years old. We still live in Connecticut. He enjoys snow and sunny days just the same but due to his fur plays longer on cooler days. We show him the pictures you send of his family. He seems to look longer when he sees his mother in a photo. Our daughter is so happy to have her cute dog. He still loves to eat and give lots of doggie kisses.”

Below is a picture of Jordan at 5 weeks old, and then his most recent 3-year-old picture. What a handsome boy!


Puppy Jordan (Leo) - Week 13

Bentley Update

Bentley-boy–our last puppy!–has now gone to his new home! We had two delightful days of him all to ourselves. Nikki enjoyed some quality time with her last puppy as well.


He got to sleep on my bed the first night, because he missed his brothers and sisters too much to sleep alone. We got to take him for a walk with the big dogs, and, I must say, what a trooper! He went the whole 1.5 miles without needing to be carried! He sure slept good that night! ūüėȬ†He didn’t even need to sleep on my bed. He just walked over to his crate, asked to go inside, and zonked out for the entire night!


Katie and her family sent us the following update: “You and your care have created such a perfect addition to our family. Being a country dog¬†Bentley‚Äôs had to get used to sidewalks, more cars, and some barking neighborhood dogs.¬†He‚Äôs done better than we could have dreamed. No accidents, super friendly, knows his place and only chews on his toys.¬†He‚Äôs napped in his bed and put himself in kennel and slept during our dinner. Only bark we‚Äôve heard was when our son was using his light saber in the back yard. So we‚Äôll have to get him used to the noise from Star Wars play. ūüôā¬†Thanks again for providing such a wonderful start in life for Bentley.”

Bentley @ 9.5 Weeks

Photo Update: Birth

The puppies have arrived! They were born yesterday, Wednesday, March 23rd, between the hours of 11:20 and 1:52. Here are the pictures and descriptions¬†of each puppy just after it arrived. Our name theme for this year’s litter¬†is Car Makes (you know, like Kia, Chevy, Honda, etc.).

Puppy #1 [Name TBD]: Born at 11:20 am. Male, curly-coated, all tannish-red, no visible white markings.

Puppy #1

(Nikki laid down next to her and draped her leg backwards over her to keep her warm. I love how mother dogs are so concerned about the well-being of their already-born puppies, even though they’re still going through the pain of labor with the unborn puppies.)

Puppy #2 [Name TBD]: Born 11:42 am. Female, smooth-coated, red w/ lt. tan rear paw, white tip on right front paw, white chest, and white speck on top of head.

Puppy #2

Puppy #3 [Name TBD]: Born 12:07 pm. Female, curly-coated, all dark red, white toe tips, white chest, front right paw red, white throat stripe down to chest, white stripe on bottom of hind foot.

Puppy #3

Puppy #4 [Name TBD]: Born 12:27 pm. Female, curly-coated, tan, white stripe on forehead, all white belly.

Puppy #4

Puppy #5 [Name TBD]: Born 1:52 pm. Male, smooth-coated, all red, white stripe on chin and throat.

Puppy #5

**Our next post–coming today–will be the announcement that we are now accepting reservations for puppies, and will contain the steps of our adoption process. Stay tuned!!**

Dover at 6.5 Months

Dover’s family recently sent me an updated picture of him. Isn’t he the most adorable little fluff ball!!! He¬†is now¬†about 11 pounds. Peter said, “He is a sweet dog. He loves everyone. He just wants to give kisses to everyone. No big changes from puppyhood. He’s a great dog.” Below is a picture of Dover at 7 weeks old to compare with his 6.5-month-old picture.

Dover @ 6.5 Months

Week 7M - Dover

Nikki is On the Nest

Today marked the start of Nikki’s “nesting” period. We set up her whelping pen in the kitchen today. She was so excited and happy to see it! She’s been “asking for it” with her eyes for the past few days now.¬†Her puppies are due either¬†sometime next week or¬†early the week after¬†(March 22-29). It’s so exciting to think–in just a couple weeks the puppies will be here!!

WP_20160313_19_09_27_Rich_LI (2) WP_20160313_19_11_36_Rich_LI (2) WP_20160313_19_13_15_Rich_LI (2)

In Suspense…

Sorry to keep everyone is such suspense about whether or not Nikki is pregnant, but we’re kind of in suspense ourselves. We’re supposed to be seeing some kind of “baby bump” right around now if Nikki is indeed pregnant as hoped. However, so far, she seems to be as small-waisted as ever.
We have been seeing some other signs of pregnancy, such as her craving minerals (eating dirt), having a lack of energy, eating less, and possibly lactating slightly. However, this could also be false pregnancy (where the dog believes they are pregnant, and thus their body responds as though they are, even though they’re not). That’s what happened to us last time we bred Nikki. So, we’re trying not to get our hopes up.
Perhaps she only has one or two puppies, and that’s why we’re not seeing her belly expanding. It may come down to having to get x-rays done again like last time in order to find out for certain whether she is pregnant or not, but we would have to wait until about 7 weeks gestation (a few weeks away)¬†before doing that. So, unfortunately I don’t have anything conclusive to tell anyone yet! I’ll try to keep everyone posted! Thanks for your patience!
If you’re interested in reading more about false pregnancy, head to this website.

The Results & Christmas Puppies?

Yesterday, February 11th, at 3:10 pm, the vet gave us the disappointing news that Nikki is not pregnant. We are so sad! We were hoping to have at least one puppy! However, the vet confirmed that Nikki did experience a false pregnancy. Basically, because she had been bred, she believed she was pregnant, which caused her body’s pregnancy hormones to kick in. That explains why she showed many symptoms of pregnancy, like morning sickness, increased appetite, and drowsiness. I am so sorry for all of you who have been waiting and hoping with us for a litter! Our plan now is to breed Nikki one last time to the original male with whom she had her first two litters. If she¬†is not able to¬†conceive with Sir Popcorn, we will assume that her mothering years have passed, and will retire her to the position of honored family member.

Please stick with us, folks! Nikki should come into heat again this fall, hopefully at the end of August. If her conception is successful then, her litter will be born the end of October, and ready to go to new homes just in time for Christmas!

In the meantime, we will keep updating this dog-blog with periodical fun, reminiscing, enlightening dog-related posts. For example, enjoy these recent photos of Nikki. (Photo credit to K.B. Photography)

Nikki & Tiger
Nikki and Tiger–best buddies! Cavachons do very well with cats, probably because they are both the same size! ūüôā
Nikki After Her Bath
Nikki drying by the woodstove after her bath. I can’t say that she likes getting a bath, but she sure looks cute when it’s over!
Shasta & Nikki
Nikki and her other pal, Shasta Daisy the Border Collie. Shasta herself is a retired mother of three litters of Border Collie and Border Collie hybrid puppies.

You can see in the above picture that Nikki has almost no tummy at all. When she was pregnant with Litter 2014, she looked like this:


So, we must reconcile ourselves to the fact that Litter 2015 is on hold until this fall, hopefully in time for Christmas!!


An Update from Hudson!

We got the most adorable picture of Hudson in a card from his family! Hudson was from Litter 2013, and went to a wonderful family from North Dakota who have two young boys.


Did you ever see such a cute teddy bear?

Here is a picture of Hudson when he was just a little tyke here at Countryside Cavachons.


Don’t let the placid face fool you! Under all that white fur is a vibrant ball of energy! A big thank you to Hudson’s family for keep us updated with pictures and news! We really appreciate it!


Update from Kestrel!

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and among the many things that I am blessed by and so thankful for is the fact that all our puppies have gone to such wonderful homes!

It always makes my day when I receive an update (especially a photo update) from those who have adopted puppies from us. Recently I received this post on Countryside Cavachon’s Facebook page:

We adopted Cooper (Kestrel) from you a few years ago. Just wanted drop in and say hi and share a photo of our middle daughter and Cooper sleeping in on a recent snowy morning. He is such a loved member of our family! God Bless!    ~Jenny

Here is a picture of Kestrel from way back in 2012 just before this wonderful family adopted him….


And here is the picture of him, now Cooper, that Jenny shared with¬†us….

Thank you so much to Jenny and her family for sending us this update. We love to get them (hint, hint)! Our Facebook page is always available to those of your who would like to share photos and updates of the puppies you’ve adopted from Countryside Cavachons!