Hey everyone!

Look who’s in heat!!

Yes, Nikki is now in heat! We should know in one month if there’s any “buns in the oven.” We will keep you posted!


Photo Update: Birth

The puppies have arrived! They were born yesterday, Wednesday, March 23rd, between the hours of 11:20 and 1:52. Here are the pictures and descriptions of each puppy just after it arrived. Our name theme for this year’s litter is Car Makes (you know, like Kia, Chevy, Honda, etc.).

Puppy #1 [Name TBD]: Born at 11:20 am. Male, curly-coated, all tannish-red, no visible white markings.

Puppy #1

(Nikki laid down next to her and draped her leg backwards over her to keep her warm. I love how mother dogs are so concerned about the well-being of their already-born puppies, even though they’re still going through the pain of labor with the unborn puppies.)

Puppy #2 [Name TBD]: Born 11:42 am. Female, smooth-coated, red w/ lt. tan rear paw, white tip on right front paw, white chest, and white speck on top of head.

Puppy #2

Puppy #3 [Name TBD]: Born 12:07 pm. Female, curly-coated, all dark red, white toe tips, white chest, front right paw red, white throat stripe down to chest, white stripe on bottom of hind foot.

Puppy #3

Puppy #4 [Name TBD]: Born 12:27 pm. Female, curly-coated, tan, white stripe on forehead, all white belly.

Puppy #4

Puppy #5 [Name TBD]: Born 1:52 pm. Male, smooth-coated, all red, white stripe on chin and throat.

Puppy #5

**Our next post–coming today–will be the announcement that we are now accepting reservations for puppies, and will contain the steps of our adoption process. Stay tuned!!**

Grooming Nikki (Time-lapse)

Gearing up for puppies to arrive by giving Nikki a full grooming! Here is an action-packed 3 minute version of the process! Boy, do I ever wish it only took 3 minutes give Nikki a full trim! In reality, this grooming took an hour-and-a-half.

If you want to see a slower version so you can get an idea of my techniques, try my 10 minute version of the same grooming. The sounds are HILARIOUS, being sped up and high-pitched. I assure you that any squeaks you hear are MY voice, and NOT Nikki whining!

Check out those fur-covered socks! Now you know why I wear the grooming outfit to protect my clothes from all the clingy fur, but, unfortunately, the outfit didn’t come with sock-covers. Next time I think I will wear plastic bags over my socks!

WP_20160307_16_06_08_Rich_LI (2)

Here she is after her trim! Check out that big pregnant belly!! I wonder how many puppies she’s got in there!! We’ll just have to wait and see!

Nikki is On the Nest

Today marked the start of Nikki’s “nesting” period. We set up her whelping pen in the kitchen today. She was so excited and happy to see it! She’s been “asking for it” with her eyes for the past few days now. Her puppies are due either sometime next week or early the week after (March 22-29). It’s so exciting to think–in just a couple weeks the puppies will be here!!

WP_20160313_19_09_27_Rich_LI (2) WP_20160313_19_11_36_Rich_LI (2) WP_20160313_19_13_15_Rich_LI (2)

Parents of Litter 2016

Nikki is now at the breeders, spending some quality time with Aristan! We’re hoping for a successful breeding and looking forward to a litter of puppies born around mid-March!

Aristan is a purebred, male Poodle owned by Aria’s Friends. He has a dusky red-brown coloring and has about the ideal personality: calm and laid-back, but not lazy; playful, but not aggressive; and reserved and cautious, but not shy. He weighs about 12 pounds, but makes up for his small size by having a big heart. We were so happy with the puppies he sired in 2015, and can’t wait to see what kind of puppies we get in Litter 2016!

Aristan (2)

Nikki is a female Cavachon (Cavalier x Bichon hybrid) owned by us at Countryside Cavachons. She is mostly white in color, with peach-colored ears and a couple small peach-colored spots on her back. Nikki is very sweet and very loyal. She loves to imagine that she is a big, 100-pound dog even though she’s only a 15-pounder.

2010_09_12 [3989] - Nikki the Cavachon Dog

A Cavachon is a hybrid mix between a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. This is called a first generation cross (F1). This is what most Cavachon breeders do. We’re a little unique at Countryside Cavachons, though. Usually our litters are a cross between a first generation (F1) Cavachon (Nikki) and a purebred Bichon. This is called a back cross (F1b). The puppies from this cross are more likely to be non-shedding and hypoallergenic than the puppies from first and second generation crosses. Since Litter 2015, however, we have chosen to breed Nikki to a purebred Poodle instead of a purebred Bichon, which makes the puppies Cavapoochons. This is probably the best type of cross to do, because it is guaranteed that every puppy will have at least some Poodle traits. Since Poodles are a hypoallergenic/non-shedding breed, puppies from this cross are way more likely to be non-shedding and hypoallergenic than puppies from any other type of cross.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any other questions, or would like to be put on our mailing list to get updates on Litter 2016!


Happy Birthday, Shasta!

It’s hard to believe that our Shasta Daisy is already 9 years old! I can still remember when we brought her home when she was a little puppy!

How she hid under the table in the kitchen when we first brought her home, glaring at us with eyes that silently said, “You bad, bad people! You took me away from my mommy and siblings!”

2007_04_22 [0970] - Border Collie named Shasta Daisy

How she finally warmed up to us when my dad got home and played “spider” with her with his hand until she forgot to be mad at us….

How she howled that first night when we tried to make her sleep in her own bed in the kitchen… How we decided to let her sleep on my bed after that, until she forgot to miss her family….

Shasta & Ann

How she raised two litters of beautiful Border Collie puppies, and one litter of adorable BorderLab puppies… What a good mother she was!

2008_09_09 [3724] - Shasta Daisy Feeding Puppies

How she loves to “herd” our cats… and us.


How she readily accepted Nikki when we brought that high-and-mighty little pipsqueak home…. How the two of them still romp and play together…. How Shasta lets Nikki think she [Nikki] is the top dog….

Shasta & Nikki

Nine years with this beautiful, intelligent dog! I hope we have many more!

2010_05_04 [1675] - Border Collie Dog Shasta Daisy