Hey everyone!

Look who’s in heat!!

Yes, Nikki is now in heat! We should know in one month if there’s any “buns in the oven.” We will keep you posted!


Tica (Mackenzie) Update: 3 Years Old

Anyone remember Mackenzie from Litter 2013? I recently heard from her owners, and they sent a picture of this adorable pup, now 3 years old. Her name is Tica now.

Tica (aka Mackenzie) at 3 years old:         Tica (Mackenzie) - 3 years

Mackenzie at 4 weeks old:

She was so cute then….. DEFINITELY even cuter now!

Update on Dover

I should have posted these pictures that Peter and Jay sent of Dover ages ago. I’ve been swamped with finals week in college, fighting a bad flu, and then the start of my new term. Anyway, better late than never! 🙂

Dover’s new owners have decided to keep his original name. Doesn’t he just look so cute and little when you see him next to the big patio chair? Don’t worry, he’ll grow!

Week 8M - Dover

Enjoying the sunshine!

Week 8M - Dover (5)

Catching a nap.

Week 8M - Dover (4)

Dover got introduced to a new kind of creature at his new home: Chickens! Here at Countryside Cavachons, our puppies got quite used to our cats and our other dog, but they had never been exposed to anything with feathers that clucked. Apparently Dover enjoys playing with the loose chicken feathers he finds. 🙂

Week 8M - Dover (2)

Thank you, Peter and Jay, for these photos, and for giving Dover such a good home!

Brother & Sister for Life

I posted a Congratulations message at the beginning of this week to Kim and Cindi from Minnesota, who chose Topeka, but I forgot to post the update that I heard from them a day or so later: They have decided to get not only Topeka, but also Jackson! So, I guess these two get to be brother and sister for the rest of their lives!

Week 5 - Topeka & Jackson

I think Topeka & Jackson complement each other perfectly! They are the littlest and the biggest in the litter. Topeka is adventurous; Jackson is more cautious. Topeka is full of energy and spark; Jackson is laid back and calmer. Put together, they make the perfect balance. Congratulations, Kim & Cindi! I’m so happy that Topeka and Jackson get to be brother and sister for life!

Week 5 - Cheyenne, Topeka, Jackson

(Topeka bounces over and gives Jackson a kiss: “I love you, Jackie!”  Jackson says: “Ewww! Don’t be so mushy!” Shakes his head: “Sisters!”)

How would you caption this photo?

Three More Puppies Chosen–Only ONE Left!

Topeka is now reserved for Kim and Cindi from Minnesota! Congratulations!

Topeka (2)

That leaves Cheyenne for Ruth from Wisconsin! Congratulations, Ruth!


Lastly, Dover is now reserved for Peter and Jay from Minnesota. Congratulations, Peter and Jay!


This leaves just one puppy still available: Jackson!

Week 4M - Jackson

If you’re thinking that Jackson is the puppy for you, give us a call right away: 320-582-0201.

Week 4 Photos

The puppies are getting quite used to their time outdoors each day now (weather permitting). They’re broadening their horizons, and realizing that there’s more to the world than their little nest in the kitchen!


Jackson (Still available!) – Jackson is our big “lumberjack!” He’s the biggest male right now, and is our little class clown, while still being very mellow and quiet.

Week 4M - Jackson

Dover (Still available!) – Dover is turning out to be such a “chunk”! He might be the littlest male, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in “bulk” and stockiness.

Week 4M - Dover (2)

Denver (Reserved for Angie & Jeremy in Minnesota) – Denver is very mellow and quiet, and also very stocky in build. He’s also our little “howler.” Some dogs give you puppy-dog eyes… Denver gives you the cutest, most mournful little howls when he wants attention.

Week 4M - Denver (3)


Topeka (Pending) – Topeka is very outgoing and adventuresome. She might be the littlest puppy, but she’s the most energetic! As you can see, she’s also the darkest-red puppy in the litter.

Week 4F - Topeka

Madison (Reserved for Lisa from Minnesota) – Madison has the calm, quiet Cavalier personality. She also has the prettiest white-and-tan-swirled coloring.

Week 4F - Madison

Cheyenne (Pending) – Cheyenne’s not sure what’s going on–why two people are making weird noises and pointing a camera at her–but, as you can see by the intensity of her gaze in this picture, she is very trusting, even when she doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Week 4F - Cheyenne

As you can see, Jackson and Dover and one of the females (not sure which yet–will know sometime this week) are sill available! Call me (Sarah) today to reserve one of these little bundles of love for your very own: 320-582-0201.

The First Picks Have Been Chosen

Yesterday, the lady who has first pick of the females, and the couple who has first pick of the males came out visit the puppies and make the hard decision of which ones they wanted to adopt.

So, as it turns out, Madison is now reserved for Lisa from Minnesota:

Week 3F - Madison

And Denver is reserved for Angie and Jeremy, also from Minnesota:

Photo credit: Angie L.

Congratulations to Lisa and to Angie and Jeremy! Just 4 more weeks and you can bring your puppies home!

The rest of our female puppies are currently reserved, but Jackson and Dover are still available! Contact us right away if you’d like one of them to be the next addition to your home!

Best of Bed-Buddies

Our new garage is finally finished! (If you remember, our doggies and their doghouses were “displaced” to the yard while we doing construction, see post here). Before and after pics below. What an improvement!

Garage Front 1   WP_20141104_001

The new garage was completed just in time, because, as you can see, we got dumped on with a whole bunch of early snow!! (The joys of living in Minnesota….) Thankfully, we got the doggies moved back into the garage before the cold weather set in.


Today I absently peeped into one of the igloo doghouses (best kind of doghouse, in my dogs’ opinions), and the sight that met my eyes was so cute I had to stop and get a picture of it! There was Nikki and our big fluffy cat, Tiger, curled up together like the best of buddies that they are. Or maybe they simply formed a truce for the time being so they could share each other’s warmth. Come warm weather, all past agreements will be annulled? We’ll see.


So cute! Reminds me of Isaiah 11:6: “In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together” (NLT), speaking of the restored harmony of nature on the earth-made-new. Only in this case it’s the Tiger and the Cavachon…. How nice to experience a foretaste of heaven here on earth!


Week 5 Photos

Hey everyone! It’s been so nice to hear from so many of you! The puppies are already 5 weeks old! I for one cannot believe it! Where in the world did the time go! Why, in just 3 short weeks, these little babies will be ready to go to new homes!!!!

Well, I hope you enjoy the photos from this week! I was able to get some videos yesterday, too, and I’ll post them soon! Plus a update on our potty-training schedule!

Group photo #5. The pups doing one of their favorite activities--sleeping!
Group photo #5. The pups doing one of their favorite activities–sleeping!
Rio in the sunshine and flowers.
Rio in the sunshine and flowers.
Rio cocking his head at all the funny noises I was making to get him to look at me!
Rio cocking his head at all the funny noises I was making to get him to look at me!
Rio getting sleepy.
Rio getting sleepy.
Rio. Being out in the sun and fresh air is as good for puppies as it is for children!
Rio. Being out in the sun and fresh air is as good for puppies as it is for children!
Adorable Mackenzie. The only girl, and the only pure white pup in our litter!
Adorable Mackenzie. The only girl, and the only pure white pup in our litter!
A edited photo of Mackenzie. I like the sharp contrast of color.
A edited photo of Mackenzie. I like the sharp contrast of color.
A black-n-white of Jordan. One of my favorite pics!
A black-n-white of Jordan. One of my favorite pics!
Jordy again.
Jordy again.
Hudson looking intently.
Hudson looking intently.
Danny. He has no black pigment around his right eye, giving it a pinker color.
Danny. He forgot to put his “eyeliner” around his right eye, leaving it pinker in color.
Danny... zonked.
Danny… zonked.