Training Tip for the Time-Deprived

I’m back in the training stage again, now that Wilbur’s joined the clan!

The other day I was sitting on the lawn trying to read a book while Wilbur wiggled and squirmed his way under the book into my lap (and by no means did he sit still once he got there), Shasta started giving me kisses from the one side, and Nikki sat begging for me to pet her from the other side. I looked over at my mom and said, “Is this what it’s like to have children?” ;-P


The only problem is that I don’t have the time that I used to have now that I’m done with college (isn’t that strange that I actually had MORE time when I was in school fulltime and working part-time than I do now that I’m just working???). How in the world am I going to train this bundle of energy properly?

Well, just in case there’s anyone else out there wondering the same thing, here’s my “Training Tip for the Time-Depraved”: Make training a part of every-day life, rather than trying to schedule in an exclusive training session each day. 

That means that, when I feed the dogs in the morning, I teach/practice the commands “Sit” and “Wait” with them. I put the food in their bowls, and they have to wait patiently until I say, “OK,” before they can jump in and eat.

It means that, when I take my daily walk each day, I work on the “heal” command with Shasta and do some leash training.

It means that, when I go outside to get the mail, and Wilbur wants to jump all over me with muddy paws, I take a few moments to work on some manners training–that he needs to sit before he gets petted.

It means that, when I’m out working in the garden, I practice the “Stay” command with Nikki, making sure that she stays at the garden’s edge and doesn’t come into the garden (which is off-limits).

And it means that, when I’m doing the dishes after breakfast, I bring one of the dogs into the kitchen with me for some exclusive bonding time where I just talk to him/her, maybe randomly say, “Lie Down,” to see if he/she remembers the latest command we’re working on, and give him/her lots of praise and attention.

It’s all about the little moments, all day, every day.  

And for those of you who haven’t done any training before, I highly recommend Dog Training in 10 Minutes.* Not only does this book offer an easy, only-10-minutes-a-day approach to training, but it’s also written in simple, fun language and illustrated with lots of cute, colorful cartoons, making it very appealing to junior-aged children. It’s a great way to get your kids involved (or even completely handling) your dog’s training.

What ways have you found to work training into your busy schedule? Please share!

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Week 10 Photos

Hello there everyone!

Week 10 has arrived, and the puppies are doing splendidly! We have been working a lot on initial manners and potty training with Hudson and Danny, and I am so pleased to announce that they now sleep from 9:00 pm until 6:00 am without a peep or a whimper, and without wetting their beds! Just before bed they do their job, and do it again right away in the morning. They also keep their kennel clean on our five-hour potty schedule during the day. This will make it much easier for you when you bring them home!

They have also been learning their manners, such as not biting or pulling our clothes, sitting when they want attention instead of jumping up, coming when they’re called, and to sitting on command. I’ve found that consistency and lots of praise works wonders!

Just yesterday we gave the puppies their first grooming–I mean, they’ve had many baths and lots of brushing in the past, but this time we got out our electric canine clippers and gave them both a trim. I think they both look darling with their new haircuts, what do you all think?

Even though this picture of Hudson is blurry, I just had to include it! It makes me smile every time I see it.
Here’s Danny-boy, looking just as sweet and lovable as he is!
Hudson found the rain-wet roses to be very delicious! Mmm, mmm!
Danny in the flower garden looking as wide-awake as possible in the warm, morning sunshine.
Sweet and spicy Hudson.
My favorite of Danny. He is so much of what we call a “lover’s pup”!
Hudson. We had to hold him still for the picture. Such a look of love and trust in his dark eyes.

This is actually an really good time of year to get a puppy for those families who have children going back to school soon. You see, you still have about a month left before school starts to bond with a new pup, and then once school begins, the summer laziness ends and your family gets back on schedule and into routine. Routines and schedules are excellent for puppies, and do amazing wonders when house training. No more sleeping in–instead even your children can learn to take their new puppy outside to go potty as soon as they get up in the early morning to get ready for school.

Are you lacking a puppy to try out this new idea with? Well, we can supply that! Contact us any time to set a time to come as see Danny and Hudson in person!