Total Adoption Fee for Litter 2016: $1,100

  • $100 – To Reserve a Male or Female Puppy
    • Can be submitted anytime after the puppies are born.
    • Will guarantee you a male or female puppy.
    • Non-refundable. If you retract your reservation, you will be removed from the queue without return of your reservation fee.
  • $500 – Downpayment to Reserve a Specific Puppy
    • Non-refundable. If you decide to not get the puppy you chose after your downpayment has been received, no refund will be given.
    • Due at the time of decision of which puppy you want. As soon as you know which male or female puppy you want, let us know and send your downpayment!
    • On “first come, first served” basis. If you are not proactive about choosing a puppy and sending a downpayment, you will still be guaranteed a puppy, but someone else may choose the one you wanted.
  • $500 – Remainder
    • Due by 8 weeks of age when you come to pick up your puppy.
    • Must be received BEFORE your puppy is shipped to you (if applicable).

Puppies Can Go to New Homes: Between 8 weeks and 2 months of age (May 18th – 24th)

Go Home With: Current vaccinations, veterinary examination, health guarantee, initial Manners Training (commands like “No Bite,” “Off,” “Come,” and “Sit”), as well as Beginner Potty Training.

Additional (optional) Services:

  • Shipping: We do offer shipping in the USA when necessary, but we encourage you to come and pick up your puppy in person.
  • Shipping Cost: $350 (additional to adoption fee) per puppy.
  • Boarding: If you would like us to hold your puppy for you beyond 8 weeks of age, we would require a boarding fee to cover the cost of food and care.
  • Boarding Fee: $100 per week (approximately $15 per day). Most boarding facilities in this area ask $20 to $25 per day.

Visit our Available Pups page for pictures of current litters.

Please Contract Us if you’re interested in welcoming a new addition to your family!


10 thoughts on “Important Info

  1. Hope all is well! I heard of this bread through a friend and started doing some research and found your website. We have 2 boys and we are all excited and anxious about getting a dog. :). Our biggest hesitation is that my oldest 10 year old son has asthma and allergies to dogs which has been so hard for him and he has cried so many nights asking for a dog. 😦 I heard this bread is great for kids with allergies but we are so worried that his allergies could still act up so is there any way we could bring him to visit your dog since we feel that if he got to spend an hour with a Cavachon we would know for sure if that would work. We would be so disappointed to get a dog to find out that he is having allergies reactions. I would really appreciate your help and consideration. Thank you so much! Paula Doroff

    1. Hi Paula! Those are excellent questions! Cavapoochons (Litter 2015 is a Cavachon x Poodle hybrid) are an excellent breed for kids with allergies! It is important to keep in mind, though, that allergies can be triggered from saliva too, so an allergic person might experience a mild reaction from the puppy licking them, even if it’s a hypoallergenic breed. However, so long as you keep away from the saliva (which can be a difficult feat–our puppies love to give kisses!), you should be fine, as Cavapoochons shed very little and have little to no dander and fur oils that usually trigger reactions. We would love to have you come out and visit. Why don’t you contact us at Looking forward to hearing from you! ~Sarah

  2. Hi I am inretested in a male. Cavachon when will there be another liter it seems your currentbliter is sold out

    1. Hi Kristina! I’ll put you on our mailing list so you get the updates that we send out and can be notified when we have another litter on the way! 🙂 Thanks for your interest in Countryside Cavachons! ~Sarah

    1. Hi Anna! Probably not this year, but we are planning on a litter in the spring of 2017! Send us an email on the Contact Us page if you’d like to be put on your mailing list to receive notifications! Thanks! ~Sarah

  3. What type of puppies will be in your 2017 litter? We’re looking for a Cavapoochon (with a mini or toy poodle). We prefer a smaller dog 8-12 pounds as we have had Yorkies in the past which were 6-8 pounds. How long is your waiting list for a female and how is your selection process handled?

    1. Hi Cathy! Thank you for your interest in Countryside Cavachons! We will probably do another Cavapoochon litter for Litter 2017. There is definitely a possibility that one of the puppies in the litter will be on the smaller side. We seem to have at least one little fellow or girl in each little. We currently have quite a number of people on our waiting list, but no one is guaranteed a puppy, so there’s a very good chance that you could get one if you are proactive when the time comes to put down a deposit. We do not start taking deposits until after the puppies are born, so the best thing is if you can get on our email list so you can get any updates we send out. Would you like me to add you? Let me know! ~Sarah

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