Meet Wilbur

Breaking News: We have ourselves a male now! Meet Wilbur (also known as William Wilberforce, Willy-Nilly, or Wilby).


He is pretty stinkin’ cute, with his downy-soft fur and Blenheim coloring, but what we love about him the most is his personality! So sweet, affectionate, and wanting to please! Wilbur loves to be held and petted, but also loves a good romp or walk with the big dogs. He has such expressive eyes, he can basically talk to you with them.

Wilbur is a second generation Cavachon with both Sable and Tri-coloring in his background, so we’re really excited to see what kind of puppies he and Nikki will have this fall! We’ll keep you posted!


Update on Maggie (Mercedes)

I recently got an update from the family who is raising Maggie, or Mercedes from Litter 2016. They say, “I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Maggie.  She is an absolute delight of a dog.  So easy going (great with my 3 year old boy), and is very well loved.  Here is a picture of her with my middle daughter a few days ago.


“Maggie is a stellar dog – and a great addition to our family.  Thank you for your good work.”

We find it quite interesting that Maggie is still red in color! Many of her littermates who looked just like her as pups are now white in color. Here’s a picture of Maggie from back when she was Mercedes just for comparison:

Mercedes - Week 8

It just goes to show that you can never know exactly what color your puppy will turn out to be! 😉 We are so happy that Maggie is doing so well, and that she has such a wonderful family! If you have the time, we’d enjoy seeing pictures of your Cavachon as a puppy and then full grown, just to see how their coloring has changed or stayed the same. You can reach us at

Tica (Mackenzie) Update: 3 Years Old

Anyone remember Mackenzie from Litter 2013? I recently heard from her owners, and they sent a picture of this adorable pup, now 3 years old. Her name is Tica now.

Tica (aka Mackenzie) at 3 years old:         Tica (Mackenzie) - 3 years

Mackenzie at 4 weeks old:

She was so cute then….. DEFINITELY even cuter now!

Will You Join Me in Making a Difference?

Hello to all! This isn’t exactly related to Countryside Cavachons, but it is in a way, too. Let me explain….

This fall, I will be going on a mission trip to the Congo, Africa, with Congo Frontline Missions. I am planning a 6-month stay from mid-September through mid-March (just in time for a spring litter of puppies). During this time, I will be helping the families at the mission with childcare, education, cooking and cleaning, writing, and evangelism. My parents are also planning to come for a shorter stay a little later in the year.

Congo Frontline Missions

The reason I am telling all of you about this is, first of all, to thank you for already helping make this trip possible. You see, I decided to use all the proceeds from Litter 2016 to help fund this trip. However, I still need to fundraise quite a bit more to cover my and my parents’ travel expenses. That is the second reason I am informing you about this.

Would you consider contributing to help me and my parents be able to make impact in the Congo? We need to raise about $5,000 each. If you feel led to do so, you can make a contribution at You will also find more in-depth information about our plans as well as recent updates there as well.

Thank you so much! No matter how small, we can all make a difference!     ~Sarah

Leo (a.k.a. Jordan) Update: 3 Years Old

How many of you remember Jordan from Litter 2013? Well, just the other day I got an update from his owners! They said, “I thought you would like an updated photo of Leo (Jordan). He is now three years old. We still live in Connecticut. He enjoys snow and sunny days just the same but due to his fur plays longer on cooler days. We show him the pictures you send of his family. He seems to look longer when he sees his mother in a photo. Our daughter is so happy to have her cute dog. He still loves to eat and give lots of doggie kisses.”

Below is a picture of Jordan at 5 weeks old, and then his most recent 3-year-old picture. What a handsome boy!


Puppy Jordan (Leo) - Week 13

Kia Update: 13 Weeks

I recently was pleasantly surprised to receive a Week 13 update from Kia herself. She says, “Look what a fur ball I am! I’m settling into my routine in Iowa. It’s been super hot during the days here, so I take advantage of early morning and evening walks. Tomorrow I get my 2nd set of boosters and find out how much I weigh.”

Kia - Week 13

She is SO. STINKIN’. CUTE! How are your Cavapoochon fur babies doing? Any pictures or updates you would like to share? Head over to our Facebook page and post them there!


Two Brothers Meet For the First Time!

How heartmelting is this! It turns out the Dover and Bentley now live in the same neighborhood, and the other day, they met for the very first time!

Bentley & Dover 2

Dover is from Litter 2015, and Bentley from Litter 2016, but both of them have the same parents, Nikki, our Cavachon, and Aristan, the Poodle.

Bentley & Dover

I don’t know–would you call Dover and Bentley half-brothers, or just brothers? They have the same parents, but they come from different litters…. I’m thinking that you would just call them brothers. If a human parents had one set of quintuplets one year, and another set the next year (heaven help those poor parents!), all the children would be full siblings, not half brothers and sisters. That’s my reasoning. 🙂

Either way, I think it’s so sweet that these two got to meet for the very first time. I wonder if they could tell by smell that they are related….

Bentley Update

Bentley-boy–our last puppy!–has now gone to his new home! We had two delightful days of him all to ourselves. Nikki enjoyed some quality time with her last puppy as well.


He got to sleep on my bed the first night, because he missed his brothers and sisters too much to sleep alone. We got to take him for a walk with the big dogs, and, I must say, what a trooper! He went the whole 1.5 miles without needing to be carried! He sure slept good that night! 😉 He didn’t even need to sleep on my bed. He just walked over to his crate, asked to go inside, and zonked out for the entire night!


Katie and her family sent us the following update: “You and your care have created such a perfect addition to our family. Being a country dog Bentley’s had to get used to sidewalks, more cars, and some barking neighborhood dogs. He’s done better than we could have dreamed. No accidents, super friendly, knows his place and only chews on his toys. He’s napped in his bed and put himself in kennel and slept during our dinner. Only bark we’ve heard was when our son was using his light saber in the back yard. So we’ll have to get him used to the noise from Star Wars play. 🙂 Thanks again for providing such a wonderful start in life for Bentley.”

Bentley @ 9.5 Weeks