New Pictures/Video of Wilbur!!!

Hey everyone! Wilbur is still available for adoption! You can find out more about him here. Check out the updated pictures I took of him last night:

What a cutey!

Not only that, but I thought you might like getting to see a video of him. You can’t fully tell a dog’s personality from pictures, but a video…. check out this silly bundle of energy in the video on our Facebook page, here.

Please Contact Us right away if you are still interested in adopting Wilbur! We’d love to have you come out and meet him in person!


Bad News; Good News

The Bad News

We are sad to announce that Nikki is not pregnant! Litter 2017 just wasn’t meant to be! Not only that, but we are not planning on having any more puppies in the future.

The Good News

Those of you who are looking to adopt an older dog, we now have two available! I have decided to take a volunteer teaching position in Honduras this winter, so I have decided to find new homes for Nikki and Wilbur.

WilburWilbur is a second generation Cavachon (Cavachon x Cavachon hybrid) with both Sable and Tri-coloring in his background. He is pretty stinkin’ cute, with his downy-soft fur and Blenheim coloring, not to mention his adorable underbite, but what we love about him the most is his personality! So sweet, affectionate, and willing to please! Wilbur loves to be cuddled and petted, but also loves a good romp or walk with the big dogs. He has such expressive eyes, he can basically talk to you with them. Wilbur is almost 1 year old, has had initial manners and potty training, and is up-to-date on all his shots. He would be the perfect fit for an energetic individual or family with children. Please Contact Us for more details.

Nikki Front (2)After

Nikki is a first-generation female Cavachon (Cavalier x Bichon hybrid). She is mostly white in color, with peach-colored ears and a couple small peach-colored spots on her back. Nikki is feisty, hearty, and very loyal. At 8 years old, she is getting a little slower, but still enjoys her daily walk. She is completely trained and potty-trained, and even knows quite a few tricks like sit up, roll over, shake, speak, and dance! Nikki would be the perfect dog for an older couple who want to give her a relaxing retirement home. Please Contact Us for more details.

Training Tip for the Time-Deprived

I’m back in the training stage again, now that Wilbur’s joined the clan!

The other day I was sitting on the lawn trying to read a book while Wilbur wiggled and squirmed his way under the book into my lap (and by no means did he sit still once he got there), Shasta started giving me kisses from the one side, and Nikki sat begging for me to pet her from the other side. I looked over at my mom and said, “Is this what it’s like to have children?” ;-P


The only problem is that I don’t have the time that I used to have now that I’m done with college (isn’t that strange that I actually had MORE time when I was in school fulltime and working part-time than I do now that I’m just working???). How in the world am I going to train this bundle of energy properly?

Well, just in case there’s anyone else out there wondering the same thing, here’s my “Training Tip for the Time-Depraved”: Make training a part of every-day life, rather than trying to schedule in an exclusive training session each day. 

That means that, when I feed the dogs in the morning, I teach/practice the commands “Sit” and “Wait” with them. I put the food in their bowls, and they have to wait patiently until I say, “OK,” before they can jump in and eat.

It means that, when I take my daily walk each day, I work on the “heal” command with Shasta and do some leash training.

It means that, when I go outside to get the mail, and Wilbur wants to jump all over me with muddy paws, I take a few moments to work on some manners training–that he needs to sit before he gets petted.

It means that, when I’m out working in the garden, I practice the “Stay” command with Nikki, making sure that she stays at the garden’s edge and doesn’t come into the garden (which is off-limits).

And it means that, when I’m doing the dishes after breakfast, I bring one of the dogs into the kitchen with me for some exclusive bonding time where I just talk to him/her, maybe randomly say, “Lie Down,” to see if he/she remembers the latest command we’re working on, and give him/her lots of praise and attention.

It’s all about the little moments, all day, every day.  

And for those of you who haven’t done any training before, I highly recommend Dog Training in 10 Minutes.* Not only does this book offer an easy, only-10-minutes-a-day approach to training, but it’s also written in simple, fun language and illustrated with lots of cute, colorful cartoons, making it very appealing to junior-aged children. It’s a great way to get your kids involved (or even completely handling) your dog’s training.

What ways have you found to work training into your busy schedule? Please share!

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Another Update

The more updates I post, the more updates I get! 😀 #NewStrategy I just got another one from Rio down in Florida. He looks so much like his mama, just more white. His family has him groomed so handsomely. His owners say that Rio “loves to cuddle and watch tv!  He loves to take long walks and smell everything in his path while protecting his mom! He is a great watch dog and enjoys playing fetch with us!”

Rio - Year 4 (2)Rio - Year 4 (3)Rio - Year 4

That last pic… #TooCute

Two New Updates!

We were pleasantly surprised to recently (ok, it maybe was last month, but I’ve been super busy!) receive two updates from people who had gotten puppies from us! As you all know, we LOVE to hear about how our puppies are doing!

First update was from the two sisters in Wisconsin who adopted Danny from Litter 2013. They say, “Hi Sarah, thought we would finally send a picture of Danny who will soon be 4. He is not a cuddler, but LOVES belly rubs!  Life is pretty much on Danny’s terms – he will take a long walk once in awhile but his main goal is to stop and smell everything in his path and sometimes he just sits down and won’t go any further. He has a wonderful disposition, has a great sense of humor and is loved by many, many people.”

Danny @ 6 weeks:


Danny @ 4 years:

Danube - Year 4

The next update was the lady from Iowa who adopted Kia from Litter 2016. She said that Kia “has kept a light apricot coloring with darker ears, muzzle, and tail.  She is a cuddle bug and had her first pet visit to a nursing home last Wednesday.  Don’t know what we did without her!”

Here is Kia @ 5 weeks old:

Kia - Week 4

And again @ 1 year old:

Kia - Year 1

Thank you so much, ladies, for the updates!

Meet Wilbur

Breaking News: We have ourselves a male now! Meet Wilbur (also known as William Wilberforce, Willy-Nilly, or Wilby).


He is pretty stinkin’ cute, with his downy-soft fur and Blenheim coloring, but what we love about him the most is his personality! So sweet, affectionate, and wanting to please! Wilbur loves to be held and petted, but also loves a good romp or walk with the big dogs. He has such expressive eyes, he can basically talk to you with them.

Wilbur is a second generation Cavachon with both Sable and Tri-coloring in his background, so we’re really excited to see what kind of puppies he and Nikki will have this fall! We’ll keep you posted!

Update on Maggie (Mercedes)

I recently got an update from the family who is raising Maggie, or Mercedes from Litter 2016. They say, “I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Maggie.  She is an absolute delight of a dog.  So easy going (great with my 3 year old boy), and is very well loved.  Here is a picture of her with my middle daughter a few days ago.


“Maggie is a stellar dog – and a great addition to our family.  Thank you for your good work.”

We find it quite interesting that Maggie is still red in color! Many of her littermates who looked just like her as pups are now white in color. Here’s a picture of Maggie from back when she was Mercedes just for comparison:

Mercedes - Week 8

It just goes to show that you can never know exactly what color your puppy will turn out to be! 😉 We are so happy that Maggie is doing so well, and that she has such a wonderful family! If you have the time, we’d enjoy seeing pictures of your Cavachon as a puppy and then full grown, just to see how their coloring has changed or stayed the same. You can reach us at