**ALL Puppies from Litter 2016 Are Now Adopted.**

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Birthdate: Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016
Went to new homes: Between May 18th and 29th
Coloring: Red or reddish-tan, with white markings
Name-theme: Automobiles


Mercedes, now named Maggie, is adjusting well. Her tail has been wagging almost non-stop, and she is enjoying exploring her new surroundings. She’s been making it through the night without any accidents (10 PM to 5:30 AM), and making it with hardly any accidents through the day. She is settling in well. The only challenge is to keep her from being mothered too much, as I’m sure you can tell from the picture below!! 🙂 Maggie is adopted by Bill and his family from St. Paul, Minnesota.

Mercedes - Week 9

Lexus, now named Rosie, is the little pipsqueak of the litter! She is curly-coated, with a deep red coloring that none of the other puppies have. She has bold white markings, including the cutest little white toe tips. Lexus Rosie is very sweet and loves to crawl up in your lap and cuddle, but also is very spunky, playful, and outgoing. She loves to meet new people and make new friends! She’s just a tiny little wisp of a puppy, but she’s able to hold her own and assert herself with her big brothers and sisters. Rosie is adopted by James and his family from Washington, D.C.

Lexus - Week 9

Kia is happily settled into her new home in Ames, Iowa. She has officially been declared “The Cutest Puppy Ever” by everyone who meets her, and “perfect” by her new vet Dr. Fett. We kept the name Kia because Kia Ora in New Zealand’s Maori language is an informal greeting meaning “Hi!, G’day.” Our daughter thought it was a perfect fit since half of the family is Kiwi. She loves to snuggle, play with her rubber chicken, tug rope, and little stuffed pig. Walking with a leash is going to take a while, she prefers to just run around in the grass. A big thanks to Sarah and Country Cavachons for giving her such an awesome start to life. Kia is adopted by Lavonne from Aimes, Iowa.

Kia - Week 9


Dodge, now named Cooper, is very snuggly and sweet-tempered, and he is also very busy and curious about everything. He pounces on his toys with a little growl, loves tug of war and running in the yard. He is learning how to chase a ball and “sometimes” he brings it back. He is great in the crate at night and sleeps from about 9:30pm -6:00 am, and last night he didn’t whimper at all. My cats are not sure of him yet, because he wants to bark and play with them. 😉 Cooper is adopted by Susan from Maple Lake, Minnesota.

Dodge - Week 9

Bentley’s new owners say: You and your care have created such a perfect addition to our family. Being a country dog Bentley’s had to get used to sidewalks, more cars, and some barking neighborhood dogs. He’s done better than we could have dreamed. No accidents, super friendly, knows his place and only chews on his toys. He’s napped in his bed and put himself in kennel and slept during our dinner. Only bark we’ve heard was when our son was using his light saber in the back yard. So we’ll have to get him used to the noise from Star Wars play. 🙂 Thanks again for providing such a wonderful start in life for Bentley. Bentley is adopted by Katie and her family from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bentley @ 9.5 Weeks
Bentley @ 9.5 Weeks

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