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Birthdate: Tuesday, August 18th, 2015
8 Weeks Old: Tuesday, October 13th, 2015
Coloring: Red or reddish-tan, with white markings
Name-theme: Capital Cities


Cheyenne Nora (Adopted by Ruth from Wisconsin): Originally named after Cheyenne, Wyoming. Nora is curly-coated, tan in color with a little white line on her forehead, and a white throat and belly. Don’t let that impish face deceive you! Nora is very trusting, as you can see by the intensity of her gaze. Nora has become very outgoing and loves to explore our yard, and she has started to get a real playful streak, showing off all sorts of cute antics. This lanky miss has also started to show signs of being a good protector!

Week 8F - Cheyenne (4)
Photo credit: K.B. Photography

Madison Pixie (Adopted by Lisa from Minnesota): Originally named after Madison, Wisconsin. Pixie is smooth-coated, with beautiful white swirls in her reddish-tan coat. She has the calm, quiet Cavalier personality. She’s the little fly on the wall that you hardly ever notice in the crowd, but she likes to creep into your lap and cuddle when all the other puppies have quieted down and gone on their way.

Week 8F - Madison (2)
Photo credit: K.B. Photography

Topeka Piper (Adopted by Kim & Cindi from Minnesota): Originally named after Topeka, Kansas. Piper is the darkest red puppy in the litter, with a curly coat, a small dot of white on her forehead, a white streak on her throat and belly, and white-tipped back paws. Piper is very outgoing and adventuresome. She might be the littlest puppy, but she’s the most energetic, and way, way too cute for her own good!! So tiny, and yet so fearless! While the other puppies sometimes start to whine when they lose sight of us or each other, Piper is content to wander off exploring on her own. Not only is Piper adorable, but she is SO intelligent! She figures things out (like going up the steps) with ease, despite how little she is! She is constantly amazing us!

Week 8F - Topeka
Photo credit: K.B. Photography


Denver Marvin (Adopted by Angie & Jeremy from Minnesota): Originally named after Denver, Colorado; now named Marvin. Marvin is smooth-coated and tannish-red in color. He has white-tipped toes on his back feet, a little white dot on his forehead, a white throat, and a white chin. Marvin is very mellow and quiet, and also very stocky in build. He now passes up Jackson (formerly the biggest in the litter) in size. What a handsome boy!

Week 7M - Denver

Dover (Adopted by Peter & Jay from Minnesota): Named after Dover, Delaware. Dover has a silky-smooth coat, is a lighter tan than the other pups, has an all-white belly and throat, light tan legs, just a few white little hairs on his forehead, and has the cutest, bluntest little nose! Dover is turning out to be such a “chunk”! He might be the littlest male, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in “bulk” and stockiness. He has become quite the saucy, rambunctious little tyke! He’s always got the cutest little antics that he likes to show off, growling and batting at his brothers and sisters, or giving the cutest poses when I want to take a picture. He was also the first puppy to catch on to the “Sit” command!

Week 8M - Dover
Photo credit: K.B. Photography

Jackson (Adopted by Kim & Cindi from Minnesota): After Jackson, Missouri. He is the darkest red puppy of all, mostly in his face, his body and legs being a reddish-tan. He has a white dot on his chin, a white throat patch, a white streak on his tummy, a white tip on his back left foot, and is very curly-coated. What a big teddy-bear!! 😉 We like to call him “lumberjack” Jackson. Despite being the biggest, though, Jackson has a very sweet, sensitive nature!

Week 8M - Jackson (2)
Photo credit: K.B. Photography

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