All the puppies in Litter 2013 have gone to new homes!

Click here to see a video of the pups.

Click here to watch a video of Hudson & Danny (both adopted).

Birthdate: Tuesday, May 28th, 2013
8 Weeks Old: Tuesday, July 23th, 2013
Coloring: White with peach-colored markings
Name-theme: Rivers

Hudson: ADOPTED by a family in North Dakota


Hudson will probably be around 25 pounds full grown. He has a lot of vibe under  his fur. He loves to be held and cuddled, give kisses, and romp and play. He is almost all white, but has one tan colored ear (his left ear). He has curly  Bichon fur. Hudson is full of fun and vigor and will make a fun companion for  children and/or adults, as well as a good watchdog. There’s nothing too big to  daunt his puppy bark!

Danube (Danny): ADOPTED by two sisters from Wisconsin


Danube, or Danny for short, is extremely sweet and affectionate. He gets along fabulously with other dogs, and even enjoys our cats and kittens. He’s very smart, learns quickly, and is so submissive and willing to please! He is almost all white, but has one tan colored ear (his right). He has curly Bichon fur. He’ll probably be around 20 pounds full grown. Danny is mellow as well as playful and will always be a faithful and loyal friend.

Rio: ADOPTED by a couple in Florida

Rio is a big puppy, and will be a good little watchdog too, as he already barks and growls at strange noises. Not only that, but he also likes to “sing” to music! Rio is mostly white with tan colored ears, a tan spot over his right eye, and a tan spot on his back. He has curly Bichon fur. He’s a wonderful cuddle companion, but he also has a saucy streak and loves to play. He does great with other animals–he loves to play with our Border Collie and our cat.

Jordan: ADOPTED by a family in Connecticut; renamed Leo


Jordan is one of the smaller puppies in this litter–just like his only sister, Mackenzie. He is white with tan colored ears and is also the only silky, wavy-haired male. He has the cutest face and is very sweet as well. Jordan is so full of energy and wiggles, and is our little “licker.” He loves to give puppy-kisses! Anyone will find this little guy to be a wonderful, affectionate dog!

Mackenzie: ADOPTED by a family in Minnesota; renamed Tica


Mackenzie is the only girl in this litter. Even though she can hold her own amidst her four brothers, she is still very sweet. She is almost completely white, but we are noticing some very light tan markings coming in on her right ear and around her right eye. She has silky, wavy hair like a Cavalier. She has so much cuteness up her sleeve that she can wrap you around her little tail with simply by giving you one of her sweet looks or by rolling over on her belly and batting her paws at you. She will be a sweet and loyal friend, as well as a fun and lively playmate.


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