Hey everyone!

Look who’s in heat!!

Yes, Nikki is now in heat! We should know in one month if there’s any “buns in the oven.” We will keep you posted!


Will You Join Me in Making a Difference?

Hello to all! This isn’t exactly related to Countryside Cavachons, but it is in a way, too. Let me explain….

This fall, I will be going on a mission trip to the Congo, Africa, with Congo Frontline Missions. I am planning a 6-month stay from mid-September through mid-March (just in time for a spring litter of puppies). During this time, I will be helping the families at the mission with childcare, education, cooking and cleaning, writing, and evangelism. My parents are also planning to come for a shorter stay a little later in the year.

Congo Frontline Missions

The reason I am telling all of you about this is, first of all, to thank you for already helping make this trip possible. You see, I decided to use all the proceeds from Litter 2016 to help fund this trip. However, I still need to fundraise quite a bit more to cover my and my parents’ travel expenses. That is the second reason I am informing you about this.

Would you consider contributing to help me and my parents be able to make impact in the Congo? We need to raise about $5,000 each. If you feel led to do so, you can make a contribution at You will also find more in-depth information about our plans as well as recent updates there as well.

Thank you so much! No matter how small, we can all make a difference!     ~Sarah