Another Update

The more updates I post, the more updates I get! 😀 #NewStrategy I just got another one from Rio down in Florida. He looks so much like his mama, just more white. His family has him groomed so handsomely. His owners say that Rio “loves to cuddle and watch tv!  He loves to take long walks and smell everything in his path while protecting his mom! He is a great watch dog and enjoys playing fetch with us!”

Rio - Year 4 (2)Rio - Year 4 (3)Rio - Year 4

That last pic… #TooCute


Tica (Mackenzie) Update: 3 Years Old

Anyone remember Mackenzie from Litter 2013? I recently heard from her owners, and they sent a picture of this adorable pup, now 3 years old. Her name is Tica now.

Tica (aka Mackenzie) at 3 years old:         Tica (Mackenzie) - 3 years

Mackenzie at 4 weeks old:

She was so cute then….. DEFINITELY even cuter now!