Reduced Adoption Fee for Wilbur

We have reduced Wilbur’s adoption fee to $900. I really want him to go to a good home before I leave for Honduras (read more about my upcoming 6 month mission trip here).


If I could describe Wilbur in two words, it would be energetic and loving. Why two? Well, because he’s kind of got two sides to his personality. There’s the definite mischievous puppy side, full of energy and wiggles and fun. This side of Wilbur LOVES going for walks, will give the most adorable howl of excitement when he sees you, and will run around “terrorizing” our cats (who actually like the attention). But he’s also got such sweet, submissive, loving side. He wants so much to please those he loves. This is the side of him that looks up at you with the most adoring eyes, will immediately cuddle close if you sit down, and wants to be as obedient as he can.

Please Contact Us today if you can give Wilbur a loving, active home. Thank you!


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