Bad News; Good News

The Bad News

We are sad to announce that Nikki is not pregnant! Litter 2017 just wasn’t meant to be! Not only that, but we are not planning on having any more puppies in the future.

The Good News

Those of you who are looking to adopt an older dog, we now have two available! I have decided to take a volunteer teaching position in Honduras this winter, so I have decided to find new homes for Nikki and Wilbur.

WilburWilbur is a second generation Cavachon (Cavachon x Cavachon hybrid) with both Sable and Tri-coloring in his background. He is pretty stinkin’ cute, with his downy-soft fur and Blenheim coloring, not to mention his adorable underbite, but what we love about him the most is his personality! So sweet, affectionate, and willing to please! Wilbur loves to be cuddled and petted, but also loves a good romp or walk with the big dogs. He has such expressive eyes, he can basically talk to you with them. Wilbur is almost 1 year old, has had initial manners and potty training, and is up-to-date on all his shots. He would be the perfect fit for an energetic individual or family with children. Please Contact Us for more details.

Nikki Front (2)After

Nikki is a first-generation female Cavachon (Cavalier x Bichon hybrid). She is mostly white in color, with peach-colored ears and a couple small peach-colored spots on her back. Nikki is feisty, hearty, and very loyal. At 8 years old, she is getting a little slower, but still enjoys her daily walk. She is completely trained and potty-trained, and even knows quite a few tricks like sit up, roll over, shake, speak, and dance! Nikki would be the perfect dog for an older couple who want to give her a relaxing retirement home. Please Contact Us for more details.


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