Two New Updates!

We were pleasantly surprised to recently (ok, it maybe was last month, but I’ve been super busy!) receive two updates from people who had gotten puppies from us! As you all know, we LOVE to hear about how our puppies are doing!

First update was from the two sisters in Wisconsin who adopted Danny from Litter 2013. They say, “Hi Sarah, thought we would finally send a picture of Danny who will soon be 4. He is not a cuddler, but LOVES belly rubs!  Life is pretty much on Danny’s terms – he will take a long walk once in awhile but his main goal is to stop and smell everything in his path and sometimes he just sits down and won’t go any further. He has a wonderful disposition, has a great sense of humor and is loved by many, many people.”

Danny @ 6 weeks:


Danny @ 4 years:

Danube - Year 4

The next update was the lady from Iowa who adopted Kia from Litter 2016. She said that Kia “has kept a light apricot coloring with darker ears, muzzle, and tail.  She is a cuddle bug and had her first pet visit to a nursing home last Wednesday.  Don’t know what we did without her!”

Here is Kia @ 5 weeks old:

Kia - Week 4

And again @ 1 year old:

Kia - Year 1

Thank you so much, ladies, for the updates!


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