Two Brothers Meet For the First Time!

How heartmelting is this! It turns out the Dover and Bentley now live in the same neighborhood, and the other day, they met for the very first time!

Bentley & Dover 2

Dover is from Litter 2015, and Bentley from Litter 2016, but both of them have the same parents, Nikki, our Cavachon, and Aristan, the Poodle.

Bentley & Dover

I don’t know–would you call Dover and Bentley half-brothers, or just brothers? They have the same parents, but they come from different litters…. I’m thinking that you would just call them brothers. If a human parents had one set of quintuplets one year, and another set the next year (heaven help those poor parents!), all the children would be full siblings, not half brothers and sisters. That’s my reasoning. 🙂

Either way, I think it’s so sweet that these two got to meet for the very first time. I wonder if they could tell by smell that they are related….


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