Bentley Update

Bentley-boy–our last puppy!–has now gone to his new home! We had two delightful days of him all to ourselves. Nikki enjoyed some quality time with her last puppy as well.


He got to sleep on my bed the first night, because he missed his brothers and sisters too much to sleep alone. We got to take him for a walk with the big dogs, and, I must say, what a trooper! He went the whole 1.5 miles without needing to be carried! He sure slept good that night! 😉 He didn’t even need to sleep on my bed. He just walked over to his crate, asked to go inside, and zonked out for the entire night!


Katie and her family sent us the following update: “You and your care have created such a perfect addition to our family. Being a country dog Bentley’s had to get used to sidewalks, more cars, and some barking neighborhood dogs. He’s done better than we could have dreamed. No accidents, super friendly, knows his place and only chews on his toys. He’s napped in his bed and put himself in kennel and slept during our dinner. Only bark we’ve heard was when our son was using his light saber in the back yard. So we’ll have to get him used to the noise from Star Wars play. 🙂 Thanks again for providing such a wonderful start in life for Bentley.”

Bentley @ 9.5 Weeks


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