Photo Update: Week 7

Hello everyone! JUST. ONE. MORE. WEEK. That’s right! You are so close to bringing your new little fur-babies home with you! There have been a few updates to personalities this week, so take the time to read through the descriptions below. There have also been name updates! Mercedes is now Maggie and Lexus is now Rosie! I love the names! Dodge’s new owners are considering Cooper for him, but I haven’t heard anything definite yet. And, as far as I know, Kia and Bentley are going to stay Kia and Bentley!

This week the puppies had another first: Their first baths and trims! Well, Lexus Rosie, Dodge, and Kia got trims around their eyes, but Mercedes Maggie and Bentley didn’t need it. Everyone got a bath, though, and, while they were a little nervous about the whole process, they did surprisingly well, even for the blow-drying! No crying or struggling… just some nervous shivering.

The puppies are now to the completely crated phase of their potty training! That means that they are in a medium-sized crate at night. It is large enough for them to move around, but small enough to be cozy and discourage them from going potty. Dogs have an innate dislike of messing their sleeping area, which is something you have to use to your advantage when potty training.

Above: What I call the “puppy pile.”

The newspaper is no longer a part of the picture, and the pups are learning to only go outside on the dirt or grass. They spend the entire night from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am in the crate (if we need to, we’ll take them out at 2:00 am for a quick potty break) and they are nearly to the point where they can make it that whole time without wetting their bed. We have them on an 4-hour-interval schedule now, which is what we are probably going to keep them on until they go to new homes. Here’s what their day looks like:

  • 6:00 am – Good morning, outside to go potty and nurse mama. Back in their crate.
  • 10:00 am – Outside to go potty and eat a puppy chow and/or milk breakfast. Into the outdoor pen (weather permitting).
  • 2:00 pm – Let out of the pen to go potty, nurse mama, and run around for 1/2 to 1 hour. back in the pen.
  • 6:00 pm – Let out of the pen to go potty and eat a supper of puppy chow and/or milk. Again let them run around and get their wiggles out for an hour or so. So long as it’s warm enough out and the weather permits, we try to let them stay outside as long as possible.
  • 7:30 – 8:00 pm – Bring inside and crate.
  • 10:00 pm – Outside for one more potty break and opportunity to nurse mama.
  • 2:00 am – Outside to go potty if needed.

Enough of the update! I know you’re all dying to see this week’s pictures! It’s been raining for the last three days here, so the puppies have been spending a lot of time indoors in their crate, or exploring the kitchen if we’re with them. At 10 this morning, the rain had stopped, so I took the pups out to go potty and was able to snap everybody’s picture except Lexus before it started to rain again. So, Lexus sorry, Rosie is the oddball picture this week, posing on a chair in the living room instead of out on the lawn. 🙂


Mercedes, now named Maggie, is a medium-sized, chunky girl; smooth-coated. She is a brownish-red color with a few bold white markings. She is very outgoing and adventurous–never afraid to explore new places and situations! She likes cuddles and snuggles, but is also our little wiggler–doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long! She is energetic and independent, but has this a way of gazing up at you so adoringly that it completely melts your heart. Maggie is reserved for Bill and his family from St. Paul, Minnesota.

Mercedes - Week 7

Lexus, now named Rosie, is the little pipsqueak of the litter! She is curly-coated, with a deep red coloring that none of the other puppies have. She has bold white markings, including the cutest little white toe tips. Lexus Rosie is very sweet and loves to crawl up in your lap and cuddle, but also is very spunky, playful, and outgoing. She loves to meet new people and make new friends! She’s just a tiny little wisp of a puppy, but she’s able to hold her own and assert herself with her big brothers and sisters. Rosie is reserved for James and his family from Washington, D.C.

Lexus - Week 7

Kia is a big, chunky girl. She is curly-coated and tan in color with a blending of lighter white accents. While the other puppies have pointy noses or rounded faces, Kia is “blocky.” She has a big, wide paws and a big square head. Her legs also seem shorter than the other puppies, giving her the most adorable appearance of a short-legged Corgi. Kia has a vibrant personality–she loves to give kisses and be held and snuggled. She also loves to play, run around outside, and strike the cutest poses for pictures. She’s bright and energetic, but also sweet and cuddly. Kia is reserved for Lavonne from Aimes, Iowa.

Kia - Week 7


Dodge is definitely the biggest of all the puppies! This big, hefty boy is curly-coated and tannish-red in color with lighter tan, almost-white patches on his legs and chest. He has an even temperament, but also a playful, spunky streak. Right now, Shasta (our Border Collie) is his hero. He loves follow her around everywhere and tries to play with her (although her big bark does scare him a little). He loves to pretend that he’s a big, ruff, tuff dog, full of big-dog growls, but at heart he’s a big softy who loves to be snuggled and petted. 😉 Dodge is reserved for Susan from Maple Lake, Minnesota.

Dodge - Week 7 (2)

Bentley is a chunky boy; medium-sized. He is smooth-coated and has dark red coloring with a small white stripe down his face and throat. Bentley has a very calm, sweet personality. He just melts in your arms when you hold him, and melts your heart while he’s at it. He is becoming more playful and spunky, running around and joining in the fun instead of only sitting back and observing, but his docile personality is still there under the surface. He is going to be a very patient, loving addition to his new family. Bentley is reserved for Katie and her family from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bentley - Week 7

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