Photo Update: Week 5

Hello everyone! It’s been a pretty good week for the puppies! We’ve started to get them on a semi-consistent schedule. Ok, so maybe we aren’t so rigid about the time just yet, but we’ve gotten them onto a pretty consistent routine. It consists of us, as soon as we get up in the morning (around 7-8:00), taking them outside to go potty on the lawn or the gravel driveway (preferably before they wake up in the morning), feeding them (right after our own breakfast) a breakfast of 1/2 cup of whole milk + 1/2 cup of warm water + one egg, blended together (which they love!), letting them sleep and play to their hearts content in their box the rest of the morning, taking them out before our lunch (around 1-2:00 to go potty and nurse mama and then letting them sleep or play in their box again in the afternoon, and lastly giving them their lunch/supper of Purina Puppy Chow moistened with about 1/2-1 cup of plain warm water in the evening (around 6-7:00).

The puppies’ personalities are really starting to shine out now! Of course, they’re not going to really be set in their ways until about 6 months old, so there’s still room for growth and development and the effects of nurture over nature when they go to their new homes. However, we’re getting to see some of the early indicators of the basic personality traits. Also, all the families who reserved a puppy have now chosen their specific puppy! I think each puppy got matched to the perfect family and everything has worked out for the best!


Mercedes is a medium-sized, chunky girl; smooth-coated. She is a brownish-red color with some white on her upper chest and throat, and a thin streak of white on her nose and the top of her head. She is very outgoing and adventurous–never afraid to explore new places and situations! She likes cuddles and snuggles as much as the next puppy, but doesn’t demand them, being a lot more independent. Mercedes is reserved for Bill and his family from St. Paul, Minnesota.

Mercedes - Week 5

Lexus is the little pipsqueak of the litter! She is curly-coated, with all dark-red coloring, white toe tips, a white throat stripe down to her chest, and a little bit of white on her nose and forehead. Lexus is very sweet and loves to crawl up in your lap and cuddle, but also is very spunky, playful and outgoing. She loves to meet new people and make new friends! She might be the littlest in the litter, but she thinks she’s the biggest, and loves to try to prove it to her big brothers and sisters. Lexus is reserved for James and his family from Washington, D.C.

Lexus - Week 5

Kia is a big, chunky girl. She is curly-coated and tan in color with a white splotch on her forehead and nose, a white and tan belly, and white toe tips. Kia has a vibrant personality–she loves to give kisses and be held and snuggled. She also loves to play, run around outside, and strike the cutest poses for pictures. She’s bright and energetic, but also sweet and cuddly. Kia is reserved for Lavonne from Aimes, Iowa.

Kia - Week 5


Dodge is definitely the biggest of all the puppies! This big, hefty boy is curly-coated and tan in color with a tiny bit of white on his nose, but no other visible white markings, except for lighter tan, almost-white patches on his legs and chest. He has an even temperament, but also a playful, spunky streak. He loves to pretend that he’s a big, ruff, tuff dog, full of big-dog growls, but at heart he’s a big softy who loves to be snuggled and petted. 😉 Dodge is reserved for Susan from Maple Lake, Minnesota.

Dodge - Week 5

Bentley is a chunky boy; medium-sized. He is smooth-coated and has dark red coloring with a small white stripe on his nose and chin and white throat. Bentley has a very calm, sweet personality. He just melts in your arms when you hold him, and melts your heart while he’s at it. He does have some play and spunk in him, but once he’s worked that out of his system, he’s ready to lay back and quietly observe the chaos around him. He doesn’t contribute to it, but it doesn’t phase him either. He’s going to be the perfect addition to a family with young child. Bentley is reserved for Katie and her family from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bentley - Week 5

Did you say something about wanting one of these adorable puppies? Yes you did! I heard you! How could you resist? Sorry–they’re all taken, but if you Contact Us, we’ll put your on our mailing list for next year’s litter!


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