Photo Update: Week 4

You’re half-way there! In just another 4 weeks, you’ll be able to bring your puppies home! The latest news on these little tykes is that they have now been introduced to diluted cow’s or soy milk to supplement what Nikki has been giving them. They learned to lap it up very quickly, and now really look forward to their daily treat. They’re also moving around a lot more, playing, growling, pouncing (usually falling over in the process). It is adorable!

Katie and Ryan and their children from Minneapolis, MN, came to pick their puppy yesterday. The best part was, their three children had no clue that they were even getting a puppy until they arrived! What a fun surprise! You can watch a video of it on our Facebook page, here. That means that Dodge is now reserved for Susan from Maple Lake, MN, and Lavonne from Aimes, Iowa, is coming tomorrow to pick which female she wants. I want to thank everyone for their patience–I know you all can’t wait to pick your puppies or find out which one will be yours! Soon…!


Mercedes is a medium-sized, chunky girl; smooth-coated. She is light red with some white on her upper chest and throat, and a thin streak of white on her nose and the top of her head. So far, we’ve noticed that she is laid-back and sweet.

Mercedes - Week 4

Lexus is the smallest of the females so far, but still pretty chunky. She is curly-coated, with all dark-red coloring, white toe tips, a white throat stripe down to her chest, and a little bit of white on her nose and forehead. We’ve noticed that Lexus can be sweet and relaxed, but also very playful and outgoing.

Lexus - Week 4

Kia is turning out to be the biggest girl so far. This big, chunky girl is curly-coated and tan in color with a white splotch on her forehead and nose, a white and tan belly, and white toe tips. Kia has a vibrant personality–she gives little howls when she yawns, she loves to play, and she’s bright and energetic.

Kia - Week 4


Dodge is definitely the biggest of all the puppies (at least so far). This big, hefty boy is curly-coated and tan in color with a tiny bit of white on his nose, but no other visible white markings, except for lighter tan, almost-white patches on his legs and chest. He seems to have an even temperament, but sometimes likes to be a big baby. 😉 Dodge is reserved for Susan from Maple Lake, MN.

Dodge - Week 4

Bentley is a chunky boy; medium-sized. He is smooth-coated and has dark red coloring with a small white stripe on his nose and chin and white throat. Bentley has a very calm, sweet personality. He just melts in your arms when you hold him, and melts your heart while he’s at it. Bentley is reserved for Katie, Ryan, and their children from Minneapolis, MN.

Bentley - Week 4

If you’re drooling for one of these adorable puppies right now, but missed out on this year’s litter, Contact Us and we’ll put your on our mailing list for next year’s litter!


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