Photo Update: Week 3

We’re already at Week 3! The puppies are walking around a little shakily now, and they’re starting to bark, growl, and sometimes even make little howls when they yawn. Oh, and they’re starting to try to play with each other–it’s SO adorable!

For pictures today, I decided to step outside with each puppy–it’s such a gorgeous day here in Minnesota! 70 degrees today (way better than the snow we had coming down yesterday)!


Mercedes: This big, chunky girl is smooth-coated and is red with some white on her upper chest and throat, and a teeny bit of white on her nose and the top of her head. So far, we’ve noticed that she is laid-back and sweet.

Mercedes - Week 3

Lexus: The smallest of the females so far, but still pretty chunky. She is curly-coated, with all dark-red coloring, white toe tips, a white throat stripe down to her chest, and a little bit of white on her nose and forehead. We’ve noticed that Lexus is calm, but playful.

Lexus - Week 3

Kia: It will be interesting to see whether Kia or Mercedes end up being the biggest females. This big, chunky girl is curly-coated and tan in color with a white stripe on her forehead and nose, a white and tan belly, and white toe tips. Kia is the pup that likes to give a little howl when she yawns.

Kia - Week 3


Dodge: This big, hefty boy is curly-coated and tan in color with a tiny bit of white on his nose, but no other visible white markings, except for lighter tan, almost-white patches on his legs and chest. Dodge seems to have an even temperament and is very trusting.

Dodge - Week 3

Bentley: This chunky boy is going to be pretty close in size to Dodge, at least it looks that way right now. He is smooth-coated and has dark red coloring with a small white stripe on his nose and chin and white throat. From our observations, Bentley seems to have a very calm, sweet personality.

Bentley - Week 3

Looking forward to meeting those of you who have reserved a pup in the weeks ahead!


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