The Next Step

Ok everyone! Sorry if you were all worried that I went missing in action! I’m back now! From Tuesday last week through late last night, our family was attending an awesome family retreat in Oklahoma (the puppies stayed at Grandma’s).

I have been getting a lot of emails asking me when and how those of you who have reserved a puppy can place a downpayment and come to pick your puppy. This post should hopefully answer your questions in that regard.

So, next Sunday (April 10th), I will be sending out PayPal invoices to everyone who has reserved a puppy with a request for the $500 downpayment for your puppy. The order in which we receive the downpayments will determine who gets first pick.

Each family will be given one week, in the order that they fall in the queue, during which they have to decide which puppy they want. You can come and visit before you make your choice, or you can let us know via email or phone, and visit at a later date that is more convenient for you. But each family has to pick a puppy within that range of dates, or it will default to the next person in line.

If you have any other questions, feel free to call: 320-582-0201.



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