Photo Update: Week 1

I know I’m a little early (the puppies’ Week 1 Birthday isn’t until tomorrow), but we are going to be out of town tomorrow, so I thought I’d better take the pictures today instead of making all you eager people wait until next week. 🙂 Oh, by the way: The puppies have been named! Let us know what you think of the names we chose. Our name theme for this year is “Car Makes.”


Mercedes: Smooth-coated, red with light tan rear paw, white tip on right front paw, white chest, and white speck on top of head.

Mercedes - Week 1

Lexus: Curly-coated, all dark red, white toe tips, white chest, front right paw red, white throat stripe down to chest, white stripe on bottom of hind foot. Smallest of the females so far.

Lexus - Week 1

Kia: Curly-coated, tan, white stripe on forehead, all white belly.

Kia - Week 1


Dodge: Curly-coated, all tannish-red, no visible white markings, except lighter patches on legs and chest.

Dodge - Week 1

Bentley: Smooth-coated, all red, white stripe on chin and throat.

Bentley - Week 1

Many of you have been asking when you can schedule to come and visit and pick your puppy…. Hold tight!!! Next week I’ll be posting some detailed information on downpayments and our visiting schedule. Thanks for your patience!


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