Now Taking Reservations: The Adoption Process

**Countryside Cavachons is now taking reservations for Litter 2016: 3 female and 2 male Cavapoochon puppies.**

Total adoption fee for Litter 2016 = $1,100 (includes sales tax). Puppies go home with current vaccinations, veterinary exam with good health confirmation, health guarantee, initial manners training, and beginner potty training.

The Adoption Process:

Step 1: Call me (Sarah) at 320-582-0201. I want to get to know you a little over the phone, and be able to answer any questions you might have.

Step 2: Tell me whether you want a male or a female puppy. I will then send you a PayPal invoice for the reservation fee of $100 (non-refundable).

Step 3: Respond to the PayPal invoice immediately! Please note that reservations are done on a first-come-first-served basis. I will be reserving puppies in the order that I receive the reservation payments, so, if you wait around to respond to the email from PayPal, the puppies may all be spoken for. Once I receive your payment of the reservation fee, you will be guaranteed either a male or female puppy (whichever you specified) from this Litter.

Step 4: Keep watching the updates we send out by email. Every week I will post new pictures of the puppies. Start thinking about which specific male or female puppy you might like. You can visit us anytime, but we recommend waiting until the puppies are 4 weeks of age, so their characteristics are more distinct.

Step 4: Starting at 4 weeks of age (April 20th), you may call or visit to place your downpayment of $500 (non-refundable) and pick a specific puppy. First-come-first-served. The first downpayment we receive gets first pick. If you live anywhere near us, we strongly encourage you to visit at this time. It helps both you and the puppy get acquainted with each other and makes transition easier.

Step 5: Schedule a day to pick up your puppy that works good for both of us. They can go home between 8-9 weeks of age (May 18th-25th).

Step 6: Pay the $500 remainder of the adoption fee. If you’re paying by cash or check, you can do so at the time of pick-up. If by PayPal, this must be completed before you come to pick up your puppy. If you are having your puppy shipped to you, we would need to receive both the remainder and the $350 shipping fee before your puppy is sent to you.

Lastly, if you need us to hold you puppy for you beyond 9 weeks of age, we would require a $100 per week boarding fee to cover the cost of food and care.

Call me today at 320-582-0201 to get the process started!



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