Grooming Nikki (Time-lapse)

Gearing up for puppies to arrive by giving Nikki a full grooming! Here is an action-packed 3 minute version of the process! Boy, do I ever wish it only took 3 minutes give Nikki a full trim! In reality, this grooming took an hour-and-a-half.

If you want to see a slower version so you can get an idea of my techniques, try my 10 minute version of the same grooming. The sounds are HILARIOUS, being sped up and high-pitched. I assure you that any squeaks you hear are MY voice, and NOT Nikki whining!

Check out those fur-covered socks! Now you know why I wear the grooming outfit to protect my clothes from all the clingy fur, but, unfortunately, the outfit didn’t come with sock-covers. Next time I think I will wear plastic bags over my socks!

WP_20160307_16_06_08_Rich_LI (2)

Here she is after her trim! Check out that big pregnant belly!! I wonder how many puppies she’s got in there!! We’ll just have to wait and see!


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