Updates from Litter 2015

This post is for all of you who have been asking me what our Cavapoochon puppies will look like when they’re grown! 🙂

I got two updates from our Litter 2015 puppies today, and both of them warmed my heart–not to mention how interesting it was to see how our puppies have changed since they were little tykes living with us.

The first update was from Kim and Cindi, who have Jackson and Piper (the latter formerly known as Topeka).

Kim said: “This was taken today about half way through a 3 mike hike, which the puppies can do with ease (and a lot of energy left!). They were at the groomer on Friday and still have some of their ‘puff’. J [on the left] is about 12 pounds and P [on the right] is probably 7 pounds.” Little Piper (aka Topeka)–only 7 pounds! She always was the littlest of the bunch, but with lots of spunk to make up for it!

Jackson & Piper

Just look at how much these tykes have changed since they were 5 weeks old (picture below: Topeka on the L and Jackson on the R)! And check out how Topeka kept her dark red coloring, while Jackson’s coat color lightened a little bit!

Week 5 - Topeka & Jackson

Now, compare these two with the update I got of their brother, Marvin (formerly known as Denver). Didn’t Angie do a good job grooming him?! You can see that Marvin’s coloring is very similar to Jackson’s, maybe a bit darker. However, Marvin has the more Cavalier features of face, while Jackson and Topeka inherited the more Poodle-like face features.


Here is a pic of Denver as a little 5 week old:

Week 7M - Denver

I hope that helps all of you who might be wondering what our Cavapoochon puppies look like when they’re grown! As you can see, we can get a variety of colors, features, and sizes.


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