Happy Birthday, Shasta!

It’s hard to believe that our Shasta Daisy is already 9 years old! I can still remember when we brought her home when she was a little puppy!

How she hid under the table in the kitchen when we first brought her home, glaring at us with eyes that silently said, “You bad, bad people! You took me away from my mommy and siblings!”

2007_04_22 [0970] - Border Collie named Shasta Daisy

How she finally warmed up to us when my dad got home and played “spider” with her with his hand until she forgot to be mad at us….

How she howled that first night when we tried to make her sleep in her own bed in the kitchen… How we decided to let her sleep on my bed after that, until she forgot to miss her family….

Shasta & Ann

How she raised two litters of beautiful Border Collie puppies, and one litter of adorable BorderLab puppies… What a good mother she was!

2008_09_09 [3724] - Shasta Daisy Feeding Puppies

How she loves to “herd” our cats… and us.


How she readily accepted Nikki when we brought that high-and-mighty little pipsqueak home…. How the two of them still romp and play together…. How Shasta lets Nikki think she [Nikki] is the top dog….

Shasta & Nikki

Nine years with this beautiful, intelligent dog! I hope we have many more!

2010_05_04 [1675] - Border Collie Dog Shasta Daisy


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