Update on Dover

I should have posted these pictures that Peter and Jay sent of Dover ages ago. I’ve been swamped with finals week in college, fighting a bad flu, and then the start of my new term. Anyway, better late than never! 🙂

Dover’s new owners have decided to keep his original name. Doesn’t he just look so cute and little when you see him next to the big patio chair? Don’t worry, he’ll grow!

Week 8M - Dover

Enjoying the sunshine!

Week 8M - Dover (5)

Catching a nap.

Week 8M - Dover (4)

Dover got introduced to a new kind of creature at his new home: Chickens! Here at Countryside Cavachons, our puppies got quite used to our cats and our other dog, but they had never been exposed to anything with feathers that clucked. Apparently Dover enjoys playing with the loose chicken feathers he finds. 🙂

Week 8M - Dover (2)

Thank you, Peter and Jay, for these photos, and for giving Dover such a good home!


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