Week 8 Photos & New Developments

I’m so, so sorry that I wasn’t able to post Week 8 photos yesterday–I’ve been really sick–today is the first good day I’ve had since Saturday evening. :-/ Anyway, while I was never able to take pictures of the pups myself this week, my Dad (the photographer) took some adorable professional pics of the pups on Saturday. I know that’s technically before the puppies’ eighth-week birthday, but it’s going to have to do! Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Cheyenne (Reserved for Ruth from Wisconsin): Finally, a picture of Cheyenne that shows her sassy side! As you probably saw from the video last week, while Cheyenne is very loving and sweet (loves to give kisses), she also has a really playful, prankster streak in her!

Week 8F - Cheyenne (4)

Madison Pixie (Adopted by Lisa from Minnesota)Madison, now named Pixie (how adorable is that) just went home today with her new owner Lisa and her new Poodle brother, Twinkle. She’s going to be in good hands, and, with her sweet, quiet nature, I’m sure she’ll adjust well. She’s the little girl who loves to just creep quietly into my lap. It’s so sweet. Other puppies will boisterously hop onto my lap and kiss me all over. Madison just creeps up and snuggles in. 🙂

Week 8F - Madison (2)

Topeka (Reserved for Kim & Cindi from Minnesota): Not only is Topeka adorable, but she is SO intelligent! She figures things out (like going up the steps) with ease, despite how little she is! She is constantly amazing us!

Week 8F - Topeka


Denver Marvin (Adopted Angie & Jeremy from Minnesota): Marvin went to his new home with Angie & Jeremy on Sunday, so this adorable picture is from them. 🙂 Angie said, “Our first night went so smooth, he slept the entire night peacefully in his crate! He is such a love!”

Week 8M - Denver (2)
Photo credit: Angie L.

Dover (Reserved for Peter & Jay from Minnesota): We are so pleased with little Dover–he has picked up on the command, “Sit,” sooooo well! We’ve been teaching it to the puppies all along, but really started being more focused on it during the past week (like, asking the puppies to sit before they get taken out of their pen). And Dover is always the first puppy to sit when we give the command! So we take him out of the pen to run around and play and say, “Sit,” to the rest of the puppies, and Dover sits again even though we weren’t saying it to him! It’s so cute! I think he thinks he’s doing a clever trick!

Week 8M - Dover

Jackson (Reserved for Kim & Cindi from Minnesota): I love this picture of Jackson–he’s SUCH a teddy bear! He’s also so sweet and sensitive! He loves to check in on me if I’m sitting with the puppies. He’ll go play for a couple minutes, then he’ll come back and creep into my lap and touch noses with me and look into my eyes as if to ask, “You doing okay still?” Then he’ll hop off my lap and go play again! Like he wanted to make sure I was still happy and content. 🙂

Week 8M - Jackson (2)

**ALL puppies from Litter 2015 are currently spoken for. However, Contact Us and we’ll can put you on our mailing list for Litter 2016.**


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