Week 7 Photos

Just ONE MORE WEEK! I know you’re all about ready to burst from excitement, so here’s some adorable pictures to celebrate WEEK 7 and to tide you over.


Cheyenne (Reserved for Ruth from Wisconsin): She looks so placid in this picture. In reality, Cheyenne is a ball of energy! She and Jackson had their very first trims this week! What a difference–they look even cuter now than they did before!

Week 7F - Cheyenne (2)

Madison (Reserved for Lisa from Minnesota)If this picture doesn’t convince you of Madison’s pure sweetness, I don’t know what will!

Week 7F - Madison (2)

Topeka (Reserved for Kim & Cindi from Minnesota): We are sure going to miss this sweet and sassy little girl! That face! When I look at her I always have to say, “Do you know how cute you are?”

Week 7F - Topeka


Denver (Reserved for Angie & Jeremy from Minnesota): Denver is so sweet and mild-tempered. Nothing phases him! He likes nothing better than to sit quietly in your lap. He’s not all over your face with kisses (he does give kisses, but more calmly). He’s the one who doesn’t need to have action all the time. He’s content to just be with you.

Week 7M - Denver

Dover (Reserved for Peter & Jay from Minnesota): Dover is feisty and can growl and snarl like a little wolf, but is still able to give the cutest little looks. That one little paw on my knee. “Can you hold me now?” Dover loves to be cuddled and give kisses, but he’s also quite the bundle of energy and wiggles!

Week 7M - Dover

Jackson (Reserved for Kim & Cindi from Minnesota): “Lumberjack” Jackson is so mcuh fun! He bounces and lollops around, but has a very sweet and sensitive nature. He (and Cheyenne) both got their first trims yesterday! He’s so handsome! For this picture, I was making a funny noise to get him to look at me, and he kept tilting his head back and forth in the cutest way.

Week 7M - Jackson

**ALL puppies from Litter 2015 are currently spoken for. However, Contact Us and we’ll can put you on our mailing list for Litter 2016.**


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