Week 6 Photos

Six weeks old already! My how time flies (sorry–I’m sure it’s dragging for all of you who are waiting for your new puppies to come home)!

The puppies are now sleeping in the crate at night (no paper provided). We have them on a 3-hour schedule round the clock (6 am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 12am) to go outside to go potty, and they’re starting to get the hang of it! Our goal is to have them be able to go completely through the night by the time they go to new homes. Obviously they won’t be completely potty trained, and certainly not house-trained–there’s just too many to get track of to let them roam the house when they’re in! But, there will be a good foundation for you to build. With lots of consistency and praise, potty training should be a breeze!


Cheyenne (Reserved for Ruth from Wisconsin): This lanky miss has started to show signs of being a good protector! Just today I was saying, “Woof!” at a puppy to get him to look at the camera for his picture, and Cheyenne didn’t know it was me “barking.” Suddenly she gets all alert and starts giving this growly “Woof!” at the strange dog she thought must have been barking.

Week 6F - Cheyenne

Madison (Reserved for Lisa from Minnesota)I LOVE this week’s picture of Maddie! It really shows her sweet, quiet nature (and beautiful red and tan coloring). Look at those dark, soulful eyes!

Week 6F - Madison

Topeka (Reserved for Kim & Cindi from Minnesota): Topeka (I call her Peka for short) is getting to be such an independent little thing. So tiny, and yet so fearless! While the other puppies sometimes start to whine when they lose sight of us or each other, Topeka is content to wander off exploring on her own.

Week 6F - Topeka


Denver (Reserved for Angie & Jeremy from Minnesota): Denver is getting to be very big! He doesn’t quite pass Jackson up in size, but he probably does in weight, since he’s got more “chunk” packed into his body than Jackie does.

Week 6M - Jackson (2)

Dover (Reserved for Peter & Jay from Minnesota): “Dover-Rover” has become quite the saucy, rambunctious little tyke! He’s always got the cutest little antics that he likes to show off, growling and batting at his brothers and sisters, or giving the cutest poses when I want to take a picture.

Week 6M - Dover (2)

Jackson (Reserved for Kim & Cindi from Minnesota): What a big teddy-bear!! My brother said it looks like someone stuck a pom-pom on his nose! 😉 But what a sweet big “lumberjack” Jackson is!

Week 6M - Jackson

**ALL puppies from Litter 2015 are currently spoken for. However, Contact Us and we’ll can put you on our mailing list for Litter 2016.**


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