Brother & Sister for Life

I posted a Congratulations message at the beginning of this week to Kim and Cindi from Minnesota, who chose Topeka, but I forgot to post the update that I heard from them a day or so later: They have decided to get not only Topeka, but also Jackson! So, I guess these two get to be brother and sister for the rest of their lives!

Week 5 - Topeka & Jackson

I think Topeka & Jackson complement each other perfectly! They are the littlest and the biggest in the litter. Topeka is adventurous; Jackson is more cautious. Topeka is full of energy and spark; Jackson is laid back and calmer. Put together, they make the perfect balance. Congratulations, Kim & Cindi! I’m so happy that Topeka and Jackson get to be brother and sister for life!

Week 5 - Cheyenne, Topeka, Jackson

(Topeka bounces over and gives Jackson a kiss: “I love you, Jackie!”  Jackson says: “Ewww! Don’t be so mushy!” Shakes his head: “Sisters!”)

How would you caption this photo?


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