Week 5 Photos


Cheyenne (Reserved for Ruth from Wisconsin): Cheyenne personality has bloomed in the past few weeks. She’s become very outgoing and loves to explore our yard, and she has started to get a real playful streak, showing off all sorts of cute antics.

Week 5F - Cheyenne

Madison (Reserved for Lisa from Minnesota)Madison is the little fly on the wall that you hardly ever notice in the crowd, but she likes to creep into your lap and cuddle when all the other puppies have quieted down and gone on their way.

Week 5F - Madison

Topeka (Reserved for Kim & Cindi from Minnesota): Nothing new on Topeka. She’s still the littlest, and she’s still really energetic and feisty, and way, way too cute for her own good.

Week 5F - Topeka


Denver (Reserved for Angie & Jeremy from Minnesota): What a handsome boy! Denver loves to cuddle, and is quite and easy-going.

Week 5M - Denver (2)

Dover (Reserved for Peter & Jay from Minnesota): Dover has started to get a really playful streak in him as well, enough to rival Topeka even! The two of them like to go at each other growling like two little savage dogs, but are still good friends in the end.

Week 5M - Dover (2)

Jackson (Reserved for Kim & Cindi from Minnesota): Jackson is still the biggest boy, and the biggest baby in the bunch. He’ll whine and complain over every little thing, but he sure loves to cuddle and give kisses. There are some amenities of having a big baby! 🙂

Week 5M - Jackson

**ALL puppies from Litter 2015 are currently spoken for. However, Contact Us and we’ll can put you on our mailing list for Litter 2016.**


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