What You Need

Hi everyone! Ruth from Wisconsin, who is getting 3rd pick of the 3 females, recently emailed me about what she should purchase for their new puppy. I decided to answer her question on the blog, so that you can all benefit.

Your new puppy is going to go home with current vaccinations, a veterinary examination, a health guarantee, initial Manners Training (commands like “No Bite,” “Off,” “Come,” and “Sit”), and some Beginner Potty Training (paper and crate training). You will need to provide anything else you feel your puppy needs.

Many of your puppies’ necessities can be met with things right around your home, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money on them, unless you’re concerned about having everything match and having it be stylish and classy looking. For example, You don’t have to buy fancy, matching dog dishes for food and water. We use a tin pie pan for dog food, and a sturdy Tupperware dish for water. You also don’t have to buy a fancy dog bed. A cardboard box with a blanket in it will work just fine. However, if you are planning to do crate training, we would recommend purchasing a small crate to start with, and then purchasing a larger one as your puppy gets bigger and learns not to have accidents in his small crate.


You will want to buy a leash and collar–get one that can be adjusted in size as your puppy grows. You will also need to buy some good quality dog food–we don’t recommend the cheap stuff, but a good brand like Purina. However, we also think it’s good to supplement your puppy’s food with leftovers from your own meals. This does not mean feeding your pup while you’re still at the table! You can feed them in their own dish in their corner after the meal is over. You also should avoid feeding them foods that are not healthy for them! Chocolate and raisins are two foods that are fine for humans, but poisonous for dogs. Don’t feed them oily foods (like French fries or pizza), or sugary foods (like cake or ice cream). However, leftover meat scraps and bones, whole-grain cooked cereals (oatmeal, cornmeal, wheat), eggs, whole milk (mix it with 50% water), and even some fruits and veggies can boost your dog’s health and give them a well-rounded diet. It can also save you on your dog food expense!

Grooming items are also essential for Cavapoochons, since they are a non-shedding hybrid. A good sturdy wire-bristle brush works excellent with the fur type for your weekly brushings. For baths you will need a good animal shampoo (that won’t sting the eyes). If you’re going to trim the fur yourself (which I recommend), you will need a good pair of scissors (for doing the face and legs), and a quality electric clippers. These can be expensive, but I believe they are worth the investment and that they will actually save you money in the long run (groomers can be expensive!). I also highly recommend getting a grooming outfit for both baths and trimming, as it keeps you dry, and keeps the trimmed fur from clinging to your clothes.

Grooming Clippers   Grooming Attire

Having a puppy is an investment, but it pays dividends in years of joy, kisses, a wagging tail, and a companion will love you unconditionally.


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