Week 4 Photos

The puppies are getting quite used to their time outdoors each day now (weather permitting). They’re broadening their horizons, and realizing that there’s more to the world than their little nest in the kitchen!


Jackson (Still available!) – Jackson is our big “lumberjack!” He’s the biggest male right now, and is our little class clown, while still being very mellow and quiet.

Week 4M - Jackson

Dover (Still available!) – Dover is turning out to be such a “chunk”! He might be the littlest male, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in “bulk” and stockiness.

Week 4M - Dover (2)

Denver (Reserved for Angie & Jeremy in Minnesota) – Denver is very mellow and quiet, and also very stocky in build. He’s also our little “howler.” Some dogs give you puppy-dog eyes… Denver gives you the cutest, most mournful little howls when he wants attention.

Week 4M - Denver (3)


Topeka (Pending) – Topeka is very outgoing and adventuresome. She might be the littlest puppy, but she’s the most energetic! As you can see, she’s also the darkest-red puppy in the litter.

Week 4F - Topeka

Madison (Reserved for Lisa from Minnesota) – Madison has the calm, quiet Cavalier personality. She also has the prettiest white-and-tan-swirled coloring.

Week 4F - Madison

Cheyenne (Pending) – Cheyenne’s not sure what’s going on–why two people are making weird noises and pointing a camera at her–but, as you can see by the intensity of her gaze in this picture, she is very trusting, even when she doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Week 4F - Cheyenne

As you can see, Jackson and Dover and one of the females (not sure which yet–will know sometime this week) are sill available! Call me (Sarah) today to reserve one of these little bundles of love for your very own: 320-582-0201.


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