Week 3 Photos

The puppies are now spending a little time outside each day, weather permitting. We are starting to notice some unique character traits developing now. We’ll be keeping you updated on those in the upcoming weeks.


Jackson – This picture captures Jackson’s quiet mellowness.

Week 3M - Jackson

Dover – Dover is very photogenic! I had only taken one or two pics before he gave me this adorable pose (compared to dozens of unsuccessful tries before getting one good shot of the other pups).

Week 3M - Dover

Denver – Poor Denver can’t figure out where all his siblings went! He was giving the sweetest, mournful little howl when I snapped this shot.

Week 3M - Denver


Topeka – Topeka is very outgoing and adventuresome. She might be the littlest puppy, but she’s the most energetic!

Week 3F - Topeka

Madison – I have never seen such beautiful, unique coloring! She isn’t plain “tan and white,” she’s tan with white swirls.

Week 3F - Madison

Cheyenne – Don’t let that impish face deceive you! Cheyenne is very mild-tempered and trusting.

Week 3F - Cheyenne

Remember that we only have TWO RESERVATION SPOTS LEFT, for 2nd and 3rd pick of the 3 males. Give me, Sarah, a call right away if you’re ready to reserve a spot (320-582-0201)!


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