Puppy Panorama

It pays to have a dad who is into photography! I love this panorama shot of all six puppies! Let me see if I can get all the names right. It’s hard to tell the smooth coated pups apart in this picture. (Ok, so I cheated–I paused in the middle of posting this and took a long time holding and comparing Dover, Denver, and Madison so I would know them apart in this picture. I think I’ve finally got them figured out!)
Cavapoochon Puppies Panorama
So, from left to right:
1) Dover. He looks a lot like Madison, but has lighter-colored front legs.
2) Cheyenne. She’s easy to tell apart from the other curly-coated pups, with her long, “Poodle nose” and slight underbite.
3) Madison. Notice the more tan legs compared to Dover’s white legs.
4) Jackson. He’s easy to identify with his dark red head and lighter red body.
5) Denver. He would look almost identical to Madison, except that he has a white pinstripe up his nose.
6) Topeka. She looks a lot like Jackson in this picture, but she’s dark red all over, not just her face, and she is smaller than Jackson.
We still have 2nd and 3rd pick of the males available!! Call me right away to make a reservation!

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