Week 1 Photos

Hello everyone! Here are our Week 1 photos, depicting each puppy doing what he or she does best at this stage: sleep! We have attempted to attach names and marking distinctions to each pup, as a means of telling them apart. Our name theme this year is Capital Cities in the U.S.


Cheyenne: Named after Cheyenne, Wyoming. Cheyenne is curly-coated, tan in color with a little white line on her forehead, a white throat and belly, and a slight underbite. We have already noticed that she is very mild-tempered.

Week 1F - Cheyenne

Madison: Named after Madison, Wisconsin. Madison is smooth-coated, with very few white markings.

Week 1F - Madison (2)

Topeka: Named after Topeka, Kansas. Topeka is (or was at first) smaller than the other females. She is dark red in color with a curly coat, a small dot of white on her forehead, a white streak on her throat and belly, and white-tipped back paws.

Week 1F - Topeka


Denver: Named after Denver, Colorado. Denver is smooth-coated and tannish-red in color (what we call “apricot swirls”). He has white-tipped toes on his back feet, a little white dot on his forehead, a white throat, and a white chin.

Week 1M - Denver

Dover: Named after Dover, Delaware. Dover has a silky-smooth coat, is a lighter tan than the other pups, has an all-white belly and throat, light tan legs, just a few white little hairs on his forehead, and has the cutest, bluntest little nose!

Week 1M - Dover

Jackson or Montgomery (“Monty”): We’re not sure yet if this puppy is going to be named after Jackson, Missouri, or Montgomery, Alabama. He is the darkest red puppy of all, mostly in his face, his body and legs being a reddish-tan. He has a white dot on his chin, a white throat patch, a white streak on his tummy, a white tip on his back left foot, and is very curly-coated.

Week 1M - Montie or Jackson


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