Adopting a Puppy From Countryside Cavachons

The very first step is to CALL US! This is the only way to obtain our address or payment information and get started in the process. You can reach me (Sarah) at 320-582-0201.

Total Adoption Fee: $800

  • $100 – To Reserve a Male or Female Puppy
    • Can be submitted anytime now, so long as we have puppies still available.
    • Will place you in the queue to pick a male or female puppy.
    • Non-refundable. If you retract your reservation, you will be removed from the queue without return of your reservation fee.
    • On “first come, first served” basis. Your order in the queue for picking a puppy will depend on the order your reservations are received and successfully processed (i.e. after the checks and money orders are cashed and PayPal payments have definitely transferred accounts). The sooner your call us and get the process going, the better!
  • $300 – Downpayment
    • Non-refundable. If you decide to not get the puppy you chose after your downpayment has been received, no refund will be given.
    • Due at the time of decision of which puppy you want between 4 and 5 weeks of age. If your downpayment is not received on time, you will still be in the queue, but your position may be lost.
  • $400 – Remainder
    • Due by 8 weeks of age when you come to pick up your puppy.
    • Must be received BEFORE your puppy is shipped to you (if applicable).

Puppies Can Go to New Homes: 8 weeks old (October 13th)

Go Home With: Current vaccinations, veterinary examination, health guarantee, initial Manners Training (commands like “No Bite,” “Off,” “Come,” and “Sit”), as well as Beginner Potty Training.

Additional (optional) Services:

  • Shipping: We do offer shipping in the USA when necessary, but we encourage you to come and pick up your puppy in person.
  • Shipping Cost: $350 (additional to adoption fee) per puppy.
  • Boarding: If you would like us to hold your puppy for you beyond 8 weeks of age, we would require a boarding fee to cover the cost of food and care.
  • Boarding Fee: $100 per week (approximately $15 per day). Most boarding facilities in this area ask $20 to $25 per day.

If you have any other questions, or are ready to reserve a puppy, please call me at 320-582-0201. I look forward to hearing from you!


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