Pictures (finally)!!

Finally, folks! Thanks for your patience! I PRESENT TO YOU: LITTER 2015!

Here’s the tired but proud mama with all six of her babies, just hours after their birth.


Here they are, busying themselves on “the milk bar.”


Finally completely dried off later in the day. If you count the backs instead of the heads, you’ll see that all six are present and accounted for. A couple of them are just underneath the others.


My favorite picture of all: Two of the babies sleeping. All six puppies have the red coloring of Aristan, their poodle father; however, I think every puppy also has at least a tiny smidgen of white somewhere on them also.

WP_20150819_004 (2)

I’m pretty sure there are three boys and three girls, but don’t quote me on that yet. We have decided to name them after Capital Cities (you know that we choose a name theme every year). Denver, Dover, Topeka, Madison, Trenton, and Austin are some of our favorite choices.

Hang tight for information about reserving a pup. An upcoming post will give you all the details! Feel free to Contact Us for more information.


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