In Suspense…

Sorry to keep everyone is such suspense about whether or not Nikki is pregnant, but we’re kind of in suspense ourselves. We’re supposed to be seeing some kind of “baby bump” right around now if Nikki is indeed pregnant as hoped. However, so far, she seems to be as small-waisted as ever.
We have been seeing some other signs of pregnancy, such as her craving minerals (eating dirt), having a lack of energy, eating less, and possibly lactating slightly. However, this could also be false pregnancy (where the dog believes they are pregnant, and thus their body responds as though they are, even though they’re not). That’s what happened to us last time we bred Nikki. So, we’re trying not to get our hopes up.
Perhaps she only has one or two puppies, and that’s why we’re not seeing her belly expanding. It may come down to having to get x-rays done again like last time in order to find out for certain whether she is pregnant or not, but we would have to wait until about 7 weeks gestation (a few weeks away) before doing that. So, unfortunately I don’t have anything conclusive to tell anyone yet! I’ll try to keep everyone posted! Thanks for your patience!
If you’re interested in reading more about false pregnancy, head to this website.

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