Nikki the “Cow-vachon”

Nikki LOVES to eat grass. It’s practically her favorite food… except for dog treats. Whenever we’re out for walks, Nikki searches for and grazes on as much quack grass as she can get her mouth on. Shasta, our Border Collie who loves going for walks, can’t figure out what the hold-up is!


Now, it’s actually normal for dogs to eat grass occasionally. Here is an interesting article on dogs and grass-eating. but Nikki eats it so much I call her my little cow–that’s what she is: a “Cow-vachon.” For the record, she also eats raspberries–picks them right off the bushes!

Still, Shasta holds the record for the funniest thing ever eaten by a dog we’ve had: When she was a puppy, she pulled an old charcoal poultice (activated powdered charcoal + ground flax seed + water) out of the garbage can and ate it. It certainly didn’t do her any harm; in fact, it was probably good for her. 🙂

What is the strangest/funniest thing your dog has ever eaten?


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