Time for Spring Grooming

Now that the long winter has ended, it is time to remove Nikki’s “fleece.”

I have found that my Oster PowerMax clippers with the Oster Cryogen-X Blade Size 3F, both purchased from Amazon, work the best on Nikki’s course fur. I do have to brush her out really well right before running the clippers through, but if I do that, the blade slides through like it’s slicing butter! It’s a little tougher to get the fur on her legs, but somehow I manage.

Grooming Clippers

Here are the before and after pictures. She almost looks like a different dog!

Nikki Before & After (Back) Nikki Before & After (Front)

What about you? Do you prefer to take your dog to a professional groomer, or do you like to do the grooming yourself? If so, what grooming clippers and tools do you use?


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