The Results & Christmas Puppies?

Yesterday, February 11th, at 3:10 pm, the vet gave us the disappointing news that Nikki is not pregnant. We are so sad! We were hoping to have at least one puppy! However, the vet confirmed that Nikki did experience a false pregnancy. Basically, because she had been bred, she believed she was pregnant, which caused her body’s pregnancy hormones to kick in. That explains why she showed many symptoms of pregnancy, like morning sickness, increased appetite, and drowsiness. I am so sorry for all of you who have been waiting and hoping with us for a litter! Our plan now is to breed Nikki one last time to the original male with whom she had her first two litters. If she is not able to conceive with Sir Popcorn, we will assume that her mothering years have passed, and will retire her to the position of honored family member.

Please stick with us, folks! Nikki should come into heat again this fall, hopefully at the end of August. If her conception is successful then, her litter will be born the end of October, and ready to go to new homes just in time for Christmas!

In the meantime, we will keep updating this dog-blog with periodical fun, reminiscing, enlightening dog-related posts. For example, enjoy these recent photos of Nikki. (Photo credit to K.B. Photography)

Nikki & Tiger
Nikki and Tiger–best buddies! Cavachons do very well with cats, probably because they are both the same size! 🙂
Nikki After Her Bath
Nikki drying by the woodstove after her bath. I can’t say that she likes getting a bath, but she sure looks cute when it’s over!
Shasta & Nikki
Nikki and her other pal, Shasta Daisy the Border Collie. Shasta herself is a retired mother of three litters of Border Collie and Border Collie hybrid puppies.

You can see in the above picture that Nikki has almost no tummy at all. When she was pregnant with Litter 2014, she looked like this:


So, we must reconcile ourselves to the fact that Litter 2015 is on hold until this fall, hopefully in time for Christmas!!



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