Keep Hoping! (Litter 2015 Update)

Just a quick update on Nikki, folks.

Gestation for dogs is 9 weeks. That means that Nikki should currently be 6.5 weeks into her pregnancy.

So far, we have seen many of the right symptoms of pregnancy at the right times. At 3 weeks we noticed that Nikki seemed to be experiencing a little upset stomach, possibly some morning sickness. In the weeks following, her appetite has increased enormously. (I haven’t seen her eat that much since the last time she was pregnant!) She also seems to be sleeping a lot more. All the signs seem to point to a successful conception.

Except one…. We still haven’t noticed any “baby bump.” It usually becomes noticeable around 5 weeks. It could be that puppies from Cavaliers are smaller and don’t show as soon as those from Bichons (we used a Cavalier male this time instead of the Bichon we have used in the past). Or perhaps she only has one or two pups in there instead of 5 or 6. Or… (please, no!)… it’s possible the pregnancy did not take.

The best way to find out is to take Nikki to the vet to have some radiograms taken. This will let us know for certain if Nikki has puppies. We have scheduled Nikki for these radiograms on Wednesday this week, what should be Nikki’s 7th week of gestation. We will let you all know as soon as we get the results.

Keep hoping!!!


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