Nikki and King

This past week, Nikki spent some time at the breeder’s house. She got to meet King, the sire of Litter 2015. King is a beautiful, purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Country Hills Cavaliers. He is mostly white, but has ruby-colored spots also. Nikki is white with peach-colored markings, so we’re hoping the combination of the peach in Nikki and ruby in King will produce some pretty-colored puppies. Maybe we’ll even get some solid colors!

King Cavalier Male - CHCavaliers

Nikki enjoyed her stay, and the breeder commented on how well-behaved she was in the house. “She’s a joy to have!” she said. All that house training when she was a pup paid off! Here she is making herself right at home on the breeder’s kitchen floor.

Nikki at the Breeders

Let’s hope the “quality time” she spent with King pays off! Stay tuned for updates!!


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