Update from Kestrel!

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and among the many things that I am blessed by and so thankful for is the fact that all our puppies have gone to such wonderful homes!

It always makes my day when I receive an update (especially a photo update) from those who have adopted puppies from us. Recently I received this post on Countryside Cavachon’s Facebook page:

We adopted Cooper (Kestrel) from you a few years ago. Just wanted drop in and say hi and share a photo of our middle daughter and Cooper sleeping in on a recent snowy morning. He is such a loved member of our family! God Bless!    ~Jenny

Here is a picture of Kestrel from way back in 2012 just before this wonderful family adopted him….


And here is the picture of him, now Cooper, that Jenny shared with us….

Thank you so much to Jenny and her family for sending us this update. We love to get them (hint, hint)! Our Facebook page is always available to those of your who would like to share photos and updates of the puppies you’ve adopted from Countryside Cavachons!


2 thoughts on “Update from Kestrel!

  1. Cooper is the sweetest dog. I am grandma and get the joy of snuggling with Cooper when I sleep over. At present he is watching me type this as he is snuggled down next to me. Love this dog! He senses when I am in pain due to my health and lays his head on my shoulder and his paw across my chest. Best therapy ever! Love my Cooper !

    1. Awwww, that’s so sweet, Brenda! It’s so nice that your children and grandchildren share Cooper with you! 🙂 Cavachons make excellent therapy dogs–they’re so intuitive! I’m so glad that Cooper is bringing so much joy to so many people!

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