Best of Bed-Buddies

Our new garage is finally finished! (If you remember, our doggies and their doghouses were “displaced” to the yard while we doing construction, see post here). Before and after pics below. What an improvement!

Garage Front 1   WP_20141104_001

The new garage was completed just in time, because, as you can see, we got dumped on with a whole bunch of early snow!! (The joys of living in Minnesota….) Thankfully, we got the doggies moved back into the garage before the cold weather set in.


Today I absently peeped into one of the igloo doghouses (best kind of doghouse, in my dogs’ opinions), and the sight that met my eyes was so cute I had to stop and get a picture of it! There was Nikki and our big fluffy cat, Tiger, curled up together like the best of buddies that they are. Or maybe they simply formed a truce for the time being so they could share each other’s warmth. Come warm weather, all past agreements will be annulled? We’ll see.


So cute! Reminds me of Isaiah 11:6: “In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together” (NLT), speaking of the restored harmony of nature on the earth-made-new. Only in this case it’s the Tiger and the Cavachon…. How nice to experience a foretaste of heaven here on earth!



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