Changes in Accommodations

Hello everyone!

There is a major demolition and construction project going on here at Countryside Cavachons! We are tearing down our old garage and having a new one built!

Garage Front 7

This means that, for the present, Shasta’s (our Border Collie’s) and Nikki’s (our Cavachon’s) doghouses have to be put somewhere other than the garage, and our cats’ kitty-houses can no longer sit on the high shelves in our garage.

This called for some temporary accommodation changes for the dogs and cats! So, we created what I call “Dog-Town,” and “Catville,”

Here is Dog-Town, complete with three “hotels” and a “diner.” Please don’t ask me why we have three dog houses when we only have two dogs…. May I add that they LOVE the igloo-style doghouses compared to the regular doghouse?!


And here is Catville, way up high on a shelf in our woodshed. The cats like this new arrangement so much that we may even leave it for them after our new garage is built!

WP_20140910_010 WP_20140910_013 WP_20140910_012

You may be wondering what strange sort of cat houses these are. They are built from sturdy boxes, taped together with duck-tape, and lined with warm towels and kitty-blankets. The cats love them, and all they cost is a little creativity!

You may also be wondering why we don’t just bring our dogs inside. They do usually spend the night indoors, and are both housebroken. However, they really love being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, Shasta our Border Collie especially, but also Nikki our Cavachon.

Cavachons are a very hearty breed that not only enjoys being a cuddly lap dog, but can also handle romping and playing outdoors, going for walks, and napping in the sunshine. No doggy-stroller needed for this breed–Nikki can keep up easily on as long as a three-mile walk!

Many of you are asking if we have any puppies currently available. We are planning for an early spring litter next year, so stay tuned for updates!


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