Bath & Brush Time!

Would you look at these two scamps–dirty as can be!! Shasta (our Border Collie on the left) is in the process of shedding her thick coat, and Nikki (our Cavachon on the right) got extremely dirty chasing after chipmunks. She is supposed to be white. Yeah! These two were in dire need of baths!!

Shasta's & Nikki's Backs (1)Before

Since it was such a hot, sunny day, I decided to do the baths out on the lawn instead down in the basement.

Dog Bath 1

Here is all my bathing equipment. 1) Water, and lots of it, 2) Shampoo (do not use human shampoo–make sure to buy pet or dog shampoo, and 3) Bluing. Yes, normal laundry bluing. This is mainly for Nikki, the supposed-to-be-white Cavachon. Bluing is the key for whitening that fur!

Now for some before pictures!

Shasta Front (1)Before
Dirty Shasta
Nikki Front (1)Before
Dirty Nikki.

This was a two-day process! The first day was devoted to bathing both dogs, and the second day to thoroughly brushing out each one’s coat.

Being that the day was so hot, I put on my bathing suit and got right in there with my doggies. In the end I’d had as much of a “bath” as they had! That was fun!

Dog Bath 2

Dog Bath 3

Nikki’s face looks a little blue in the above picture from the bluing (either that or the water was a little too cold, haha!). When first applied to the fur, the bluing turns the fur blue. However, as soon as water is applied, the bluing gets washed out, leaving the fur very white and clean. It works best to add the bluing to the bath water instead of applying it directly to the fur.

After baths, I gave Shasta and Nikki all evening to dry out, and commenced with their brushing the next day.

Dog Bath 4
Nikki, all groomed out. Shasta getting her turn in the background.

Shasta had a LOT of fur that she was shedding, which made the grooming process take a lot longer. I’m seriously thinking about investing some money in a Furminator de-shedding tool. I was not able to completely get ALL the old fur out with just my regular brush and some minor scissoring. But, Shasta still looks a lot better after her bath and brush!

After pictures:

Shasta Front (2)After
Sweet Shasta, all clean!
Nikki Front (2)After
Cute l’il Nikki–what an improvement!!

Ok, folks! Here is the before and after pictures, side by side for comparison! What do you think? Was it worth the time and effort?

Shasta's & Nikki's Backs (1)Before Shasta's & Nikki's Backs (2)After


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